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‘Better Call Saul’ 4×07 Review: Jimmy and Kim forever

‘Better Call Saul’ 4×07 Review: Jimmy and Kim forever

It’s hard to believe that there’s only three episodes of ‘Better Call Saul’ left this season, yes you read that right, only THREE already. These seasons are so jam packed that the episodes just fly by, especially since there are only 10 episodes in each season. Because of the number of episodes left, the events of the show are shifting into hyper drive.

“Something Stupid” was the first episode this season that ended in a cliffhanger which left me desperate for more.

One of the things that makes ‘Better Call Saul’ and Jimmy’s story so successful is his relationship with Kim. They are basically the definition of the perfect fairy tale couple. They certainly don’t live in a fairy tale, but they have an unbreakable bond and seem to be destined to never leave the other’s side. Not to mention they make an incredible team.

Jimmy and Kim’s relationship was on full display in this episode, and was the main reason why it was my favorite episode yet this season. So no surprise, Jimmy has found himself in a bit of trouble once again, and Kim is the only one he can turn to to get him out of it. While selling his burner phones on a street corner, an undercover cop confronted him and asked him to stop selling the phones. Of course Jimmy refused, and Huell misinterpreting the situation after he saw Jimmy and the strange man arguing, “attacked” the cop with a bag of sandwiches. Huell is facing 2 years of jail time, so Jimmy turns to Kim to help him make sure that Huell doesn’t have to serve that time.

Now, some might argue that every scheme Jimmy sets up is pulling Kim down with him, but I think that Kim wants to be pulled down with him. Of course she wants to have her successful law career, but she loves Jimmy more than that. She’s always seen something in him that no one else does, and whenever Jimmy is in trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to help him, no matter the risk to herself.

A lot of the time as well, she enjoys helping Jimmy. She enjoys helping him fight for the underdog and sticking it to people who deserve it. By taking Huell as her client, she’s fully committing herself to helping Jimmy, but Huell also really does deserve her help. The court is charging Huell with assaulting an officer and the threat of two years in prison. Kim knows that this punishment is outrageously severe. Huell didn’t even end up hurting the officer at all, and others who have actually injured the cops they attacked only ended up serving a few months, in some cases no jail time at all.

The only reason they are going after Huell so hard is because he has a prior charge on his record. Kim knows this treatment of Huell is unjust, and she wants to help him because she believes in helping people who have been treated unfairly.

Maybe this is why Kim loves Jimmy so much. She’s drawn to the people who everyone else thinks are lost causes, or people who’ve had a hard time and just need a shoulder to lean on. Jimmy definitely fits that description. Wherever Jimmy goes Kim will  follow, and vice versa.

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Since Kim wasn’t created as a character when ‘Breaking Bad’ aired, it will be fascinating to see what happens to Jimmy and Kim. Will something so catastrophic happen that their relationship is torn apart? Will Jimmy separate himself from Kim in order to protect her from the person he’s becoming so she doesn’t fall to his level? Will Kim break it off with Jimmy? Or (and I really hope this isn’t the case) will something horrible happen to Kim? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Next week, we’ll get to see the solution to that excruciating cliffhanger as Kim has some unknown brilliant plan to get Heull out of this predicament. Nacho will finally be back as well (I’ve really missed him) and the construction of Gus Fring’s meth lab will move closer and closer to completion despite some major setbacks. Buckle your seat belts, because these last three episodes of ‘Better Call Saul’ are sure to be a wild ride.

Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 9/8c on AMC.

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