Beyond Photos: “Fancy Meeting You Here”

I can’t even imagine waking up from a coma and trying to figure out life. But Holden is doing just that in Beyond – where – we have learned, trust no one.

Freeform has released the photos for the 5th episode, “Fancy Meeting You Here.”

Here’s the synopsis of the episode –

Holden bonds with Luke and tries to get into a normal routine, going as far as agreeing to a double date with Luke, Riley and Jamie. But just as it seems he has a grasp on reality, memories from his coma come flooding back, leaving him to question everything he knows. Meanwhile, we meet a mysterious stranger named Charlie (guest star Eden Brolin), whose time in a coma has given her a peculiar commonality with Holden.

“Fancy Meeting You Here,” airs January 23rd on Freeform.


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