‘The Blacklist’ 5×12 Photos: ‘Tommy Wattles’


NBC has released the photos for this week’s all new episode of The Blacklist, “Tommy Wattles.” From the photos and the episode description, Liz will continue her search for Tom’s killers, this time with Red’s help. In last week’s episode, Red promised her that he would help, as he now realizes Liz will not stop until she’s found Tom’s killers, no matter what the price.

Liz however, in “Tommy Wattles” is apparently beginning to question Red’s reasons for helping her. It seems that she is beginning to think that he wants to find Tom’s killers not to avenge Tom’s death, but for his own ulterior motive. We know that Tom was killed because of the suitcase, but Liz doesn’t, and she also doesn’t know Red’s connection to it.

Red will do anything to make sure Liz doesn’t find out the secret behind the bones in the suitcase. He wants to recover the suitcase and most likely destroy it, so being at Liz’s side, tracking down the people who have it is the best position for him to be in. It’s yet to be seen what’s Liz’s doubts behind Red’s motivations will lead to, but hopefully we get to see why these bones are so important and what it means for Red once all of this is said and done. Tom found out the secret, but took it to the grave with him before he could tell anyone else, thus leaving us as the audience in the dark.

In addition to Liz’s continuing hunt for Tom’s killers, The Task Force is taking on a formidable blacklister. From the trailer released last week, it looks like this blacklister is an arsonist with ties to some type of sacrificial religious cult. I don’t know about you, but stories about violent religious cults are always disturbing to me, so we should all be in for a good scare tonight! Let’s just hope no one on The Task Force is hurt in the process. Dealing with arsonists is a dangerous business, especially when it looks like the Task Force will be receiving help from another arsonist to catch their blacklister.

Check out the gallery and read the synopsis for “Tommy Wattles” below.


As Liz works with Red to hunt for Tom’s killers, she begins to question his motives. Meanwhile, the Task Force enlists the help of one arsonist to catch another.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 8/9c on NBC.

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