'Blindspot' 3x17 Review: "Mum's the Word"

‘Blindspot’ 3×17 Review: “Mum’s the Word”

Blindspot is back! After last week, our favorite show in “Mum’s the Word” has taken us to an undercover operation in a gala where there have been expected reunions, revenge and frustrated plans. All in the middle of a situation in which the Team is more divided than ever. There is much to comment! Here we go!


On this occasion, the case of the week has meant long-awaited reunions between characters. This time the tattoos haven’t had to do with the case, if not directly Roman. He has taken the entire undercover team to the gala that Blake organized and in which Hank was going to do business with Jean Paul.

The team investigates and thanks to hacking the computer of the organizer of the party – which turns out to be the same one that organizes the wedding of Reade and Megan – they discover the details of the security protocols. In addition, they also find out the name Roman is using in his business with Hank.

In the end, reluctantly, Jane accepts that Avery helps them to enter the party since she knows Hank and Blake thanks to her adoptive parents.

Once at the party, Roman manages to take charge of things and puts the team at a crossroads: they must follow their orders or it will hurt them. This ensures that they don’t go after him. Roman achieves his goals and everyone follows his instructions, although Avery manages to put him in a locator.

Roman changes his mind at the last moment and when the team was going to get the proves they needed to catch Crawford, he warns him that the FBI is there and helps everyone escape.

BLINDSPOT — “Mum’s The Word” Episode 317 — Pictured: (l-r) Gloria Ruben as Kira Evans, Bruce Davidson as Gruyere — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

All except Jean Paul. Roman had put the locator to be able to mislead the team and in the end, Kurt kills him when he is about to kill Jane.

It has been wonderful to see the reunion of Roman with everyone. Especially with Jane. A reunion that has had a huge significance – which we will talk about later -. Also, we have entered the heart of Roman in a unique way. The reason for their actions – correct or not – is clear as water. He is a complex character and we need to understand his motives to know why he does what he does.

I think they have captured it perfectly on screen, in a dynamic, different but equally clear way. They have done the same with Jane’s feelings for Roman.

In general, this gala has brought up the true feelings of the characters and has given the kickoff to the final. This episode has changed everything. Once again, we have witnessed a new twist to the game.


Jane and Avery

Jane hasn’t had her best day with Avery. As soon as she found out that the team was going to go for Roman, Avery has made an effort to be inside the mission. Jane has been against her from the beginning and that is something that Avery hasn’t endured. She wants to participate, feel useful, wants answers … just as Jane wanted them in her day. In fact, Avery looks a lot like Jane.

I understand them both. As a mother, Jane can’t bear to expose her daughter to such danger, she doesn’t want to lose her now that she has recovered her. But Avery can’t sit idly by, she’s not a little girl and she needs to be out there, doing something to catch her parents’ killer. She wants Jane to understand and support her even if she doesn’t agree, to respect her decision … and the opposite is true.

Avery finds Jane an insurmountable wall and that makes the fragile relationship they have built together begin to fall apart. Neither of them gives her arm to twist. That’s why Kurt intervenes in favor of Avery. He recognizes both positions. He lived with Jane. He wanted to protect her but she needed answers. And he let her go, let her decide for herself and was there, at her side, in case she needed it. And that’s just what Avery needed.

BLINDSPOT — “Mum’s The Word” Episode 317 — Pictured: (l-r) Kristina Reyes as Avery, Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

In fact, Avery isn’t willing to let the opportunity go by and just stay safe. She needs to talk to Crawford in person, look into the eyes of her parents’ killer, just as Jane needed to face Sherperd in her day.

We have seen a tug of war between them. Until the end, none of them has found the perfect balance between what each one needed. It is not until the end of the episode that they both understand each other and really try to put themselves in the place of the other. Kurt has had an essential role in that the two will reach that conclusion. He has contributed his experience with Jane, which is really similar to what happens now between Jane and Avery.


Tasha has had a really hard day. She was training very hard as she remembered what had happened to Patterson and Reade when Keaton called. We don’t know what this conversation is about but it sure is not good at all.

Afterwards, Patterson doesn’t warn her of her new discoveries as always, tries to leave her out. She’s sending the message that she doesn’t want to work with her or wants to know anything about her.

And, as if that were not enough, Reade wants to act as if nothing had happened between them. As if she had not confessed to him that she’s in love with him.

It’s too much … but they are the consequences of her own decisions. Now she has to live with them … although that is killing her. It seems she hasn’t support … but Jane is there.

I liked that it was for both, for Patterson and for Tasha. Jane knows that Patterson needed comfort. But she also understands Tasha because, as she mentions, she has been in a position very similar to hers. However, it seems that the premise remains that Tasha tried to protect Patterson and it wasn’t at all like that. As I said, I think that Patterson’s protection is the excuse that Tasha told herself to live with the decisions she was making.

That’s what sets Jane apart, in my opinion. Jane in season 1 didn’t really know what she was playing, as soon as she knew it, she chose the right side. And she never look back. Zapata made a conscious choice … and chose the CIA. However, I do think that both situations are similar in that Jane also made an excuse to protect them all to continue acting behind the back of the team. Same as Tasha.

Thanks to that conversation with Jane, we could see how Tasha feels. She is repentant and only … she doesn’t know what to do to be forgiven. But, sometimes, you really can’t do anything, just let time go. Time heals wounds, even the deepest ones. And, most, it’s the hardest part, just waiting for things to go back to how they used to be, little by little.

BLINDSPOT — “Mum’s The Word” Episode 317 — Pictured: (l-r) Audrey Esparza as Tasha Zapata, Rob Brown as Edgar Reade — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Zapata is aware that everything will take time, that is why she has remembered what it cost her to forgive Jane. She knows that Patterson must go through something similar. In fact, she is listening and even though what she hears hurts, she really can’t do anything. Her heart can’t forgive Tasha … not yet.

As for Reade, Tasha simply can’t do as usual. Something has changed between them and the gap between them opens up even more when she sees that Reade acts like nothing. Does nothing. He only wants to erase what happened and shows it in the end, when he says it clearly. But it is something that can’t be erased, Tasha can’t do as if nothing, in fact, that Reade asks her because she doesn’t know what to say to Megan, pisses me off.

This is not fair. Reade hasn’t even formally rejected Tasha so she can move on. He did not even give him the importance or the respect necessary to do it. She is also asking her supposed best friend to self-destroy her heart to accompany him at his wedding with another woman. Reade is not behaving like a friend, if not like a asshole. And Tasha doesn’t deserve something like that.

Reade is being a coward because he is afraid to accept what he really feels for Tasha, to leave Megan and risk something really authentic. In everything that is … like a leap into the abyss. But that is the special thing of something authentic, it is crude, it is painful, it is thorny … but it is beautiful and in the end it is worth it because you reach something that you couldn’t have otherwise.


They show us few moments of this couple but they are all special. Kurt is there at all times supporting Jane in the matter of Avery. And advising her. When he has seen things between them get ugly and lose all the land gained, Kurt has talked to Jane. He told her how she was when they met, the immense desire to protect her … but that he couldn’t do it because she made her own decisions.

It’s the same thing that happens with Avery now. Jane wants to protect her but she can’t, she has to understand that Avery is not a kid and that it is her decision whether she wants to participate or not. In fact, Jane have to understand that she wants to participate. Just as Jane herself wanted to participate at the time to get answers. Like father Like Son.

BLINDSPOT — “Mum’s The Word” Episode 317 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

At the end of the episode we have seen them together again in a very tender scene. Jane, Kurt and Avery just sharing a family dinner, laughing, having a good time, building a real family together. It’s been a while since we saw something like that. And Kurt has told Jane again that he loves her. I think it’s the first time since they parted, and Jane’s smile says it all. Show that advance they have made as a couple. They have been forgiving and approaching little by little … until they are even more united than before.

However, I keep saying that I want more Jeller! I need more than twenty seconds of them per episode. And you?.


My baby! I love him but he makes bad decisions. Roman has always wanted a family and love. It’s everything he always wanted … and what he never had. Sherperd was not a loving mother and Jane – Remy at the time – was made in her image and likeness. Although both had a special connection to being brothers … but as Jane grew they moved away …

Then Jane’s memory loss came and she became a stranger to Roman … a stranger who betrayed him because she didn’t choose him.

Now, he’s with the Crawfords and he loves Blake, he loves her so much … and he’s reciprocated. In addition, Hank cares for him and tells him that it is his family. Suddenly, everything that Roman has wanted and hasn’t had within his reach, is living it. And letting go that’s … really hard.

But, still, he was going to do it. He still had the plan to take the FBI to Hank and hand him over. However, talk to Blake and that changes everything. She loves him and she confesses it to him, she thinks that he always sees the best in people, in him she has found her equal, her soul mate, only … she fell in love. Roman sees in Blake someone with so much light, so pure … so wonderful. He says it and declares his love to her with a desperate tone, a confession in whispers that is also an admission to himself and, in addition, it is a plea.

BLINDSPOT — “Balance of Might” Episode 310 — Pictured: (l-r) Tori Anderson as Blake, Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

He is asking that whatever happens, never forget that he loves her. Never forget that she made him feel in a way that he thought he would never be able to do. She made him live something he didn’t believe in. In her, he found what he was always looking for. It’s as if he had a vacuum all that time and nothing could fill it … until Blake arrived and she did.

Blake is afraid. He has fallen in love and what makes you love is that the beloved is your strength … but also your weakness. It has the ability to destroy you. And Blake feels that if he ever loses Roman … she will not be able to continue. She can’t imagine a life without him. Roman feels the same and promises that he will never leave. It doesn’t matter what he have to do to fulfill that promise.

It is then, that he notifies Crawford that the FBI is there. He will fulfill the promise he has made to Blake. He chooses her and the family that she has made known to her. Although it is tremendously romantic … it is all an illusion.

Roman loves Blake but she doesn’t know his true self. When she knows everything, she will probably hate him and that will destroy Roman. And the Crawford family is not a real family, Blake has no idea who his father’s monster is and he was able to kidnap her to make a business deal.

Crawford and Sherperd don’t differ in anything from each other. Both are monsters and the only authentic in that family is Blake that is wonderful. But Roman wants so much a family … that when he feels accepted in one, whatever it may be, he feels at home.

Now what will happen? Because Hank is not stupid and I’m sure he’s starting to suspect Roman and his intentions …

Roman has also had a tense reunion with Jane. Sparks have jumped and if the looks kill … but he really only clings to the rage, underneath her and the pain he feels for Jane’s betrayal is hope. The hope of having his sister included in his family. Actually, it’s not very different from what Jane wanted in season 2. That dream she had having dinner with Roman and Kurt. She wanted to have the love of her life and her brother in her life. Roman also wants it.

BLINDSPOT — “Mum’s The Word” Episode 317 — Pictured: (l-r) Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, Luke Mitchell as Roman — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

But Jane at one point realized that she had to choose … and chose Kurt. Roman felt that as the ultimate betrayal. Actually, he had never felt Jane as his sister, if not Remy. When she saw Jane again after her memory loss, she thought there was still something of Remy in her. But when Jane “chose” Kurt that was over … only not at all.

There was a thousandth part of Roman who still had hope that Remy would return to him and share the life he had chosen. But when Jane tells him clearly that she chose another life that doesn’t include him, that she doesn’t know him anymore … that hope has vanished. In a way, he hasn’t known her for a long time either. And all that, feeling that he has completely lost his sister, has led him to make the mistake of being implacable and to send an attack against all of the team.

Roman has chosen a side in the game … and it’s against Jane and next to Hank and this time, with no turning back. What consequences will his decision have?


In conclusion, it has been a “game change” episode. Our favorite show often does a lot of this. Roman has made decisions that have no turning back. It’s as if he still had some hope … but now he is implacable. It seems that he has chosen a side and is being a Crawford and definitively away from Jane. That will bring consequences, I’m sure.

In addition, we have analyzed much more the hearts of our protagonists, not only Roman, something that is necessary to understand the reasons why they do what they do. And the plots continue advancing in crescendo towards a grand finale.

Agree? Disagree? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! We’ll be back after the new hiatus, on April 20 with episode 3 × 18 “Clamorous Night.” And here’s the promo for the next episode.


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