Blog Tour: ‘INDIGO’ by Gina Linko (Exclusive Interview)



We are pleased to be part of the Indigo Blog Tour, by Gina Linko. Here’s our exclusive interview with Gina Linko.

How would you describe your book in 5 words or less?

Spooky, romantic, empowering, hopeful (that’s hard to do!!)

What inspired you to set Indigo in New Orleans? 

I love to do research for my novels, and I was doing a bunch of research on sixth senses, and I got the idea like, “What if there were clusters of people with sixth senses?”  Like places in which the environment worked to produce more people with ESP or clairvoyance, etc.  The environment as a catalyst of sorts.  Of course, I kept going with this idea and my brain immediately matched that idea up with New Orleans.  It has such a rich history of things just beyond the edge of reason — ghosts, fortune tellers, the macabre, voodoo, everything.

What’s something you admire about Corrine?

Corrine is able to change.  That is an admirable quality in someone:  the ability, the strength to recognize something in yourself that is not optimal and to work to better it.

How would you describe Corrine and Rennick’s relationship?

Stormy, for sure.  Destined, maybe.  I love their relationship so much; it’s one of my favorite things about the book.  They are so good for each other in so many ways, and I like to think it is very much like a real relationship, not an idealized account.  Just two authentic people tuning into and understanding the other’s real self, underneath it all.

What was one of your favorite elements in your book to create?

See above!  Their relationship was so superfun to write.  I love the push and pull of their relationship, their romantic moments, their fights, all of it.

Plus, I LOVED writing the moments in which Corrine experiences the touch.  Describing the sensations — the power — of the indigo touch, it was really fun.  The burning sensation under her ribs, the indigo lens, the electricity under her skin.   I love the creative freedom of writing it, trying different things out, and then I relish when I get it just right, when it seems like it could be real!  It kind of freaks me out!


About The Book

A gift?
A curse?
A moment that changes everything. . . .
Caught in an unexpected spring squall, Corrine’s first instinct is to protect her little sister Sophie after a nasty fall. But when Corrine reaches out to comfort her sister, the exact opposite occurs. Her touch–charged with an otherworldly force and bursting with blinding indigo color–surges violently from Corrine to her sister. In an instant, Sophie is dead. From that moment on, Corrine convinces herself that everyone would be better off if she simply withdrew from life.

When her family abruptly moves to New Orleans, Corrine’s withdrawal is made all the easier. No friends. No connections. No chance of hurting anyone. But strange things continue to happen around her in this haunting,  mystical city. And she realizes that her power cannot be ignored, especially when Rennick, a talented local artist with a bad-boy past, suggests another possibility: Corrine might have the touch. An ability to heal those around her. But knowing what happened to her sister, can Corrine trust her gift?
Released on October 22nd, 2013 from Random House, you can pick up INDIGO from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble or purchase it from Random House.

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