The Bold Type 1×06 Recap: The Breast Issue

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Once again, The Bold Type proves that it’s one of the most on topic shows of the summer. We see this already with some “issues of the week” and it continues during episode six, with something that can affect a lot of young woman (and that isn’t really talked about in a millennial way — like it’s shown on tv, but not in the way The Bold Type does it) So, let’s talk about this week’s The Bold Type.



In an effort to prove that she’s more than just a coffee girl, Sutton takes on the task of getting a very important and expensive pendant. And she does it! She works her assistant connections and trades a dress for the pendant.

But on her way back, she stops to help Jane through her crisis, which causes her to leave the pendant in the back seat of the cab!

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This sends Sutton spiraling and she does everything in her power to try and find the pendant. Richard isn’t much help, citing that she should just report it missing. Sutton disagrees, not wanting to fail on her first day.

So she enlists Alex’s help to get a tape from the dry cleaner’s which could have the cab number on it. Sutton works her charm — really just the guy wanted her to shut up, and gets the tape! Praise!

Richard also stops by the dry cleaners after the fact, I guess to try and get some alone time with Sutton? But he doesn’t realize that Alex is with her. This causes an awkward moment between the three, leaving us with Alex finding out about Suttard.

In the end, Sutton gets the pendant back and is also informed that Alex was going to kiss her in the dry cleaners before he figured out she and Richard were an item…an interesting development for sure.

I hope this doesn’t cause some love triangle drama, but it will probably do so. Which is meh.

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To help promote Scarlet’s Breast Issue, Kat takes on the task of promoting breast cancer awareness as well as prevention. She takes the girls to a topless in the park event and posts about it on Instagram, only to find out Instagram pulled the photo because of their policies.

Kat starts a campaign against the policy, which Jane knows is so she doesn’t have to think about her and Adena’s lack of a relationship. Kat swears there’s nothing and it just was bad timing, but the two are in constant contact and sending each other pictures.

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Pushing her feelings about Adena deep below the surface, Kat focuses on basically going to war over Instagram’s nipple policies. She feels that the policy is sexist since men can post shirtless photos, but women can’t.

Against the advisement of the board and Jacqueline, Kat decides to post one woman’s nipple among a bunch of men’s nipples. It’s effective and makes a good point; women’s nipples shouldn’t be censored if men’s aren’t.

But, as Jacqueline points out, Kat isn’t doing this to promote breast cancer awareness, but is doing it in spite of the board. She isn’t taking into account the multitude of young women who are followers of the Scarlet account who are terrified of being diagnosed or knowing what it’s like to have cancer.


A woman who is negatively affected by Kat’s guerrilla like posting tactics is Jane. After Jacqueline tasks Jane with writing a story about a doctor doing testing on young woman in their twenties for the BRCA genes, we find out that Jane’s mother had the gene and died as a result. This was obviously a very personal thing for Jane to write about and she felt that the doctor was being irresponsible.

Jane ends up lashing out at Jacqueline after being pressed to discuss what happened with her mom. She didn’t want to have to relive everything that happened for a story. Jane pushes further by pointing out that the writers are just supposed to write about their deep and dark secrets while they know nothing about Jacqueline. She was obviously valid in her feelings, but she overstepped when she yelled at Jacqueline in the middle of the office.

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Strongly advised  to take a walk and not come back for the rest of the day, Jane feels like she’s about to get fired. But, Jacqueline invites Jane to her home to give Jane a little insight to her home life. It’s there that Jane admits that she is scared of getting the test because she’s scared of what the diagnosis would be.

We finish the episode with Jane making the decision to get the test if not for herself, then for her friends. She even records the whole thing for a story so that she can help others going through the same thing. We find out that Jane does test positive for the BRCA gene which means she’s more likely to get breast cancer in her lifetime but there are steps to making sure it’s caught early.

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Again, I want to stress how fantastic this show is; The Bold Type could’ve just gone the fun, not so serious route and it just be like a silly little show. But instead, it’s found its niche in being an informative and relatable show — just like Scarlet itself.

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