‘The Bold Type’ 1×08: The End of the Beginning

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Guys, I feel like I’ve yet to write anything bad about The Bold Type. There’s obviously little things I would change, but overall this show is exactly what I need right here and now. And each episode proves it better than the last. Especially this one. 

This episode feels eerily reminiscent of what’s been going on recently with some publications (i.e. Vice and MTV News) where they are moving into a more digital platform, creating video content rather than articles for readers. It deals with something everyone deals with, the possibility that you could get fired.


With her love life practically non existent (RIP Janstripe) Jane decides to cash in a promise the other girls made to her many moons ago — group dating. The girls agree, mostly cause they’re forced to and thus they embark on their group date.


Yet Jane has a terrible date; the guy doesn’t let her talk and her mind is focused on something else — her job. Rumors of layoffs at Scarlet are running wild and Jane is freaking out about losing her position at Scarlet. And instead of searching out for a backup plan, she decides to go forth and fight it until her last dying breath.

This means shifting her attention from politics to more “sticky” pieces. Pieces that will generate clicks and likes. It isn’t what Jane wants to be doing, but it’s what she feels like she has to in order to keep her job at Scarlet.

Jane’s content at Scarlet; she’s got a great gig and her BFFs work by her side, but when she is asked to meet with another magazine, Jane decides to take it — citing that it couldn’t hurt. It’s at that magazine that Jane feels like she’ll have a voice, being able to control what she writes.


And even though Jane’s job ends up being safe at Scarlet, Jane does receive an offer from the other magazine. Looks like Jane’s going to have to make some serious decision making.   


Another head on the chopping block is our very own Sutton! *GASP* And just like Jane, Sutton has to make some serious decisions — except not about switching jobs. About doing her job. While Oliver is out of town, Sutton becomes second in command on the magazine’s fall photo shoot. But with layoff rumors swirling around, Sutton can’t help but feel nervous for what’s to come. Remember, this is the girl who moved to NYC on a whim, gave up her last hundred to celebrate dream chasing and can barely afford to live on her current salary.

Of course, the only person she wants to talk about it with is none other than Richard himself. Not only because she’s having a really rough time with the break up, but also because he might be able to tell her if she should start looking for a new job or not. It’s tough to watch her go through the grieving stages of post-break up — she babbled about her ex for a very long time on the group date, causing her to want to GTFO.


Being at work is just as difficult; she continues to see Richard all over the place. And I can’t help but feel for her. But, while her romantic life is crumbling, Sutton’s work life is thriving. When the time comes for the photoshoot, the girl in charge freaks out and basically bolts, leaving Sutton to step up to the plate.

Sutton directs the photoshoot and manages to get some pretty awesome shots. Except, she never got the chance to take credit for them; the head girl who left took all the credit.


Jacqueline finds out that Sutton was the one who did most of the work on the photoshoot, telling Sutton to start standing up for herself and take credit. Oh, and that her job was safe. *PHEW*


Out of all three girls, Kat’s job was the only one that was safe. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t have anything to deal with this episode. Of course she did! She was told that she couldn’t tell anyone — anyone about the layoffs happening, which meant that she was stressing about Jane and Sutton and couldn’t even talk to them about it. The girls did have a moment where they were mad at Kat for not telling them anything, but Kat was kind of just as clueless as the others.

Besides keeping the layoff secret from her friends, Kat also had to organize an event to try and see what girls liked/disliked in Scarlet to help Jacqueline out when she went to present to the board. Kat put a lot of time and effort into this event so that she could provide the best data which could in turn help Jacqueline prove what jobs needed to be kept (i.e. Jane and Sutton’s jobs)


Even though Kat was happy she didn’t have to stress about whether or not she was going to lose her job, she still wondered what it would be like to start over. A thought she admitted to Adena—who, yes they’re still talking. Kat ended up drunk-ish FaceTiming Adena after the group date because she saw the same violinist she and Adena saw many moons ago.

They continue to talk to each other and while Kat swears up and down and sideways that they’re just friends, it’s clear to everyone that there’s something more. But neither one of them can go for it so it ends up hurting both of them. Kat, unfortunately, has to cut the tie and move on if Adena can’t reciprocate.

Before Kat does anything like that though, Adena decides spur of the moment to come back to NYC! She’s coming back! Our girls are going to be reunited! I just really hope that it’s for real and Coco is far, far away. We don’t need any drama, right?

Something that I do want to point out — I just didn’t know where to put it, is that there was a moment during Kat’s lil focus group where we see three girls talking about moving to NYC and not knowing anyone. And it gave me a little moment of awh because it was kind of similar to how Jane, Sutton and Kat all became friends. They didn’t know anyone and sort of found each other at Scarlet. Warms my heart.

What were your thoughts on this episode of The Bold Type?

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