The Bold Type 1×08 Roundtable: Adapt and Thrive

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Each week, a group of Fangirlish editors and writers gather round and discuss their feelings about the previous The Bold Type episode. Read on to hear our thoughts and feel free to chime in with yours!

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Layoff rumors were swirling around Scarlet and Jane desperately wanted to keep her job, doing anything she could to prove she was necessary — do we think that her adapting was smart or should she have looked for a backup from the get go?:    

Liz: I agree with Chloe! I think adapting was smart, but I think she should’ve also had a backup up plan. Obviously she loves Scarlet and worked really hard to get there, so Jane’s going to do anything and everything in her power to stay there — but it helps to have another option in case it doesn’t work out. I really do hope Jane stays at Scarlet but I can see why the job at Incite is so tempting to her; she’ll be able to write about what she wants to write about.

Chloe: Honestly, I think Jane did remarkably well keeping it (more or less) together and not only trying to adapt, but also exploring backup options. The layoff rumors put her in such a scary situation, but she decided that she wasn’t going down without a fight. I think it was smart for Jane not to put all her eggs in one basket, but I loved that we got to see her fight for her place at Scarlet. Ultimately, she needs to be doing what she wants to do and what will help her grow as a writer (which probably isn’t butt facials) – so we’ll see where she ends up. But I’m hoping Jane gets to stay right where she is and continue to take Scarlet by storm.

Lizzie: I think adapting was smart. In the world we live in today it’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to keep their jobs for many years without some degree of uncertainty and some level of change, and we all need to adapt to the circumstances and let those circumstances make us better at what we do. That being said, I see nothing wrong with a backup plan. That’s just playing it smart. She can love her job and Scarlet and have a backup plan. Ultimately Jane needs to put herself first.

Nora: I agree. I think adapting was so smart for Jane. She remained calm and figured out how to roll with the punches. She saw how she could remain a true asset for Scarlet and she seized the opportunity. While Jane’s always loved Scarlet and wanted to adapt to what they needed, I totally understood Jane figuring out a backup plan and seeking out another job. She may love her job, but I think looking for a new one was a smart move.


Sutton took charge of the photoshoot and proved that she really can do this! Spill your congratulations to her below please!

Liz: Can I just say that I knew Sutton was going to kill this. I mean, she was totally cool with being Numba 2 because she knew that it was a great opportunity — then she went ahead and took control of the whole shoot when her Numba 1 went MIA. She proved that she could handle stressful jobs like a photoshoot and could produce some pretty great content! Sutton, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

Chloe: I loved this scene!! Sutton was totally ready to step up to the plate with zero bitterness as Cassie’s #2, but she didn’t throw away her shot when the time came. She offered valuable insight, brought creative ideas to the table, was decisive, and made shit happen to rave reviews. The shoot must have been a stressful situation – especially given the circumstances – but she totally nailed it AND learned to speak up for herself in the process. My little baby’s all grown up and saving China! (Or, you know, the favorite fall coats feature!)

Lizzie: My fave scene of the episode, I think. I knew Sutton had it in her, and I’m glad she got to prove it. Some people just thrive when the pressure is higher, and in this industry, either you do or you don’t get ahead, and Sutton proved that she’s got what it takes.

Nora: I was so proud of her!!! I loved this scene and was so proud Sutton finally stepped up. She proved she was made for the job and ready to take on anything that gets thrown her way. She thrived under pressure and pulled off a great photoshoot. I’m also so happy Jacqueline told her to always take credit for her hard work. I’m so proud of how far Sutton has come already!


And finally, Kat’s job might’ve been safe, but she also had to deal with a lot! Let’s just get right to it, how are we feeling about Adena coming back??

Liz:  I’m really excited to see Adena come back, mostly because that smile on Kat’s face could light a whole city up. She’s obviously super pumped to have Adena back and I really can’t wait to see how the two of them continue. I do agree with all the other ladies, hoping that they keep it real and address the issues and not just have them have a cute happy ending (but I want the happy ending later, don’t get me wrong) But I am happy that Adena is coming back because she makes Kat happy.

Chloe: Kat was put in such a difficult position this week – knowing about the layoffs, knowing that her two best friends might be affected, and not able to say anything. I’m glad that Adena was there to listen and offer helpful advice. I’ve had mixed feelings about Kadena since what went down with Kat’s freakout and Adena running back to Coco, but this episode got me back on-board with this ship. Time apart has made both Kat and Adena realize how well-suited they are – and how much they miss each other, tbh. I’m excited to see what happens when Adena comes back.

Lizzie: I love Adena, and I’m totally on board with this ship – I just hope that we don’t get the instantly everything works out and they’re happy treatment when Adena comes back. I hope they keep it real.

Nora: I love Adena and I can’t wait for this ship to get back together. I hope they get some moments of happiness before there is inevitably something that goes wrong. While I want them together, I want it to be real and honest. There are obviously some issues they need to work out, considering Adena ran off to be with her ex-girlfriend. I’m excited to see Adena come back and for her and Kat to get back together. I’m here for this ship!


What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode?

Liz: Even though Sutton killed it at the photoshoot, I’d have to say my favorite moment was the small little moment at Kat’s reader’s night where we see three girls talking about how they just moved to the city, didn’t know anybody — it was sort of reminiscent of the girls and how they met.

Chloe: Sutton taking charge at the photo shoot. Kicking ass, taking names, and doing it in style.

Lizzie: Sutton + photo shoot success wins the episode for me! She looked like she knew what she was doing and she proved to everyone how valuable she was.

Nora: Also Sutton and the success of the photoshoot! She’s come so far and I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished!


What was your favorite quote from this week’s episode?

Liz:  “Oh I’m going full dick” — Sutton

Chloe: “I’m a one woman kind of gal.” – Kat

Lizzie:  Adena: But what if I was? What if I were to book a ticket back to New York?

Kat: Yeah you should do that. You should be brave.

Nora: “I’m a one woman kind of gal.” – Kat

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