The Bold Type 1×09 Recap: Before Tequila Sunrise

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This week’s episode of The Bold Type tackles what happens when you’re stuck — either at an office or at an airport. While one — the office, is because of unforeseen circumstances, the other — the airport is a choice. But each lead to some pretty major decisions. Read on for the recap!


Still considering the job offer from Incite, Jane is making a “pro/pro” list. Part of her wants to stay because she loves Scarlet and feels comfortable doing what she’s doing, even if it’s not what she wants. She gets assigned to do the quiz section of the magazine, making her feel like her pieces weren’t important enough.

While at Incite, the deal seems to be getting sweeter; the boss offers her pieces that appeal to Jane’s interest. They’re political and hard hitting, not fluff pieces. And Jane would have her name attached to them as well as the freedom to write them. It’s tempting for her.

Job life aside, Jane meets with Pinstripe after he texts her to get coffee. It’s there that she finds out that he’s been fired from Pinstripe. Of course, the two don’t just go their separate ways — they actually get stuck in the Scarlet offices together because of Drumpf. They end up drinking to deal with it (honestly, who hasn’t IRL?) and secrets come spilling out. Pinstripe tries to help Jane decide if she really wants to stay or wants to move on to Incite.


He points out that she didn’t take chances often, but when she did, they almost always ended up working out (ie her kissing him). They decide that Jane should make her quiz about how to know if you’re ready to move on from your job. And even Jacqueline gets in on it — although it’s much more awkward than it sounds; Jane left her pro/pro list in Jacqueline’s office and for some reason, I feel like Jacqueline found it, even though she never mentioned it. But soon the conversation becomes about their relationship.

There’s obviously still something there between the two of them — why would Pinstripe call her immediately after finding out he’s been fired? I mean, they’re adorable together — did you SEE those matching outfits??? And it’s clear that he wants the best for her, helping her try to make her decision, supporting her and encouraging her to do what she wanted. At the end of the episode, the two of them don’t end up going home together, but he leaves with a piece of advice “don’t overthink it.” So of course I’m holding out hope that they get back together. 


Even if Jane and Pinstripe didn’t get together, there were two other people stuck at Scarlet who ended up in bed together. That’s right, folks! It was Sutton and Alex!! But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Before Sutton ended up being stuck at Scarlet’s offices with Jane and Pinstripe, she had managed to snag the role of dressing Alex for his androgynous article. He was going to wear gender fluid clothing and see how people interacted with him or if they even noticed. By doing this, she would get credit in the magazine which would further her career — or at least be a good resume builder.

While Sutton’s making moves, Richard decides to call her — leaving her a rather polite message. Sutton wants to drink her worries away and decides to make the most of being trapped in the Scarlet offices. She makes everyone some drinks, grabs a deck of cards and settles down to try and beat Alex. The two of them reminiscent about their first days at the office and Sutton playfully teases him about his khakis. It’s a really cute scene that spirals into a bunch of cute moments with them. We’re talking drunk fashion shows, drinking games and small h2h’s.

All of these moments led to Sutton kissing Alex outside of the offices and then pulling him into her cab. Obviously they go home together and have some ~sexy times~ which lead to a morning after scene of Sutton realizing (regretting?) what she did and waking to two texts from Richard…this can only spell d-r-a-m-a.



The only one not stuck in the Scarlet offices, but still getting fucked over by Drumpf was Kat. He excitement for Adena coming back to NYC quickly turned to freaking out (in a bad way) Adena was being sent back home because she was suspected to have ulterior motives — having only bought a one way ticket to NYC. The visa laws are confusing and I can’t even try to explain them, but you can read more about them here.

Anyway, Kat acts on instinct — which we know is a trait of hers. She buys a first class ticket on Adena’s flight back home so she can go to the airport and make sure Adena is okay. Kat gets to the airport and finds Adena, surprising her, but getting the full story.

The rest of the evening, Kat tries to make the most of it. She takes Adena to the first class lounge and they eat from the massive buffet under a blanket fort. The two of them talk, like actually talk and learn a lot about each other. It’s then that Kat decides she’s going to go home with Adena; she wants to be with Adena and wouldn’t mind going on an adventure.

After their conversation, Kat leads Adena up to this private area in the lounge and the two have a really nice and soft ~sexy time~ They end up falling asleep together and a whole chunk of me just wanted them to be able to freeze that moment and live in that airport lounge, in that blanket fort, for forever.

But morning comes and Kat and Adena head to the gate to board their flight. Kat sticks with Adena until her group is called, but when the time comes, Kat can’t get on the flight. It’s obviously a super big thing to do in the moment and Kat obviously feels terrible about it, breaking down in the airport as Adena comforts her. Adena reassures her that it will be okay and that she understands. They exchange a tearful kiss goodbye and Adena goes to get on her plane, leaving Kat in the terminal.

With only one episode left, I’m nervous as to how these cliffhangers will be wrapped up, but I’m hopeful that The Bold Type will do the right thing and give these girls some happy endings. They deserve that much.

The Bold Type is on Tuesdays at 9pm only on Freeform


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