The Bold Type 1×09 Roundtable: Major Life Choices

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Each week a group of lovely Fangirlish editors and writers gather around to discuss the previous week’s The Bold Type. This week we’re talking about romance, romance and romance — and maybe some Life Decisions. Read on for more!

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After making her pro/pro list, sitting in Jacqueline’s seat and even making a quiz about it, Jane took the job at Incite. How are we feeling about it? :    


Liz: I’m actually really excited for her. I think this is a fantastic opportunity and obviously she owes a lot to Scarlet but I think that it’ll be something great and new for her! She’ll be able to spread her wings and really write about what she wants to write about — and yeah it’ll be daunting at first, but I think she can do it.

Erin: I am not sure how I feel about it. I wish that I knew, but I don’t. Cause I don’t think Jane will go through with it. Scarlett is home to her and I think that she doesn’t want to leave that sense of home. I can’t see that happening. Maybe I am naive, but I don’t think so just yet.


Chloe: Honestly, I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I want to see the dream team of Jane, Sutton, and Kat stay together at Scarlet – but I’m also proud of Jane for making the decision that scared her. I hope that Incite will challenge her and help her grow as a writer. It’s just such an unknown that I don’t know how to wrap my head around what this decision will mean.


Lizzie: So excited. I didn’t think she’d do it and I’m so glad that the show is going for the unexpected, that it’s giving these women a chance to grow even outside of the confines of Scarlet, which is where we met them. I’m proud of Jane, and I’m proud of the writers and I’m even more convinced this show is a must-watch.


Nora: I didn’t think she would do it, so that’s a plot twist for me. I’m glad Jane is looking at growing and recognizing what she’s good at. I’m proud of her for exploring other options besides those that are at Scarlet. I also had to keep reminding myself that Jane has been at the company for a long time, we just haven’t seen it. Jane will definitely find a challenge at Incite but, I’m selfishly sad to possibly see her leave.


Sutton scored a solo stylist gig on Alex’s new article and she also scored in the bedroom…with Alex. Are we shipping #Salex or…not?


Liz: I DON’T KNOW!!! I really liked them as friends and I thought it was good that their ~thing~ happened after Richard but I think it happened a little too quickly, like Erin said. I love them as friends and think that if it was a different time, they would work well together. But, like her and Richard, Alex is in a higher position than Sutton so I think it’s just another round of the same stuff, which is what worries me. There’s still that secretive part of it and IDK I’m a little wary of how it’s gonna work out.


Erin: It’s not that I am not shipping it, I am just not shipping it right now. I don’t think Sutton has had enough time to move past Richard and I think she’s still in that place of loving him. Alex is a rebound right now and I feel like if they get together, this won’t go right. It’s too soon. I don’t want to see Alex or Sutton hurt.

Chloe: I’m not not shipping it – I think Sutton and Alex have a cute chemistry – but it doesn’t feel like they share the same level of feelings that Sutton and Richard did. Sutton does seem to like Alex, but I get the feeling that he’s much more into her than she’s into him. I don’t really see it lasting, though I hope they have fun together.


Lizzie: Yup. Bye Richard, I’m over you. Or well, I was never completely into you, and I like you, but I don’t think that, right now, you’re what my girl Sutton needs. And maybe Alex isn’t either – she’s got to decide she wants to be with Alex because I can  be all OTP, but these two give me a more lasting vibe than Sutton and Richard.


Nora: Sutton has just become one of those character where I’m pretty positive I would ship her with a really attractive broom. I’m loving Sutton and Alex’s dynamic right now. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s built on a solid friendship. I’m loving it and can’t wait to see where it goes. I agree with Lizzie, I feel like watching Sutton and Alex together, they give me a greater impression than Richard. For someone who is literally the comedic breathe of fresh air on The Bold Type, I think Sutton deserves to be with someone who brings that out in her, and right now that’s Alex.


Kadena once again took us on a ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS!!!! Please spill your feels below!!!


Liz:  I ADORE THESE TWO SO MUCH!!! That whole airport scene both warmed my heart and broke my heart. It was so perfect and simple and they just made the best of it. The heart breaking part was when Kat decided to stay behind while Adena went home — it was understandable and I agree with everyone else who said it was good to see something like this on TV. 


Erin: I can’t talk about it. There are so many feelings. I feel like Kat made a decision and flew by the seat of her pants and I loved it. Because it was romantic. It was perfect for them. But, I am hesitant to get invested, because I don’t think that Kat will leave the security of her life for love. But I ship these two so hard, I wish she would.


Chloe: SO. MANY. FEELINGS. I loved Kat and Adena’s airport date – they made the best of a horrible situation and the time they had left together, and it was super romantic. On the other hand, Adena’s deportation and Kat’s difficult decision of whether to follow her to the Middle East were so heartbreaking. It’s amazing to see these immigration issues play out on TV because they are so important and so timely, but it sucks when we just want to see these two ladies get their happy ending. Here’s hoping for Season 2!


Lizzie: I think it’s surprising to see this playing out on TV, and at the same time, it’s so necessary and so uplifting to see, even if it’s a sucky and bad situation, because it’s a real situation and people should be aware that this can happen, it is happening to others. Plus, these two sell it – how can you watch that moment on the bed and not ship it? I don’t think you can.


Nora: I. WAS. ON. THE. FLOOR. BASKING. IN. THIS. ADORABLENESS. Kadena is such a strong OTP on this show, it’s honestly hard to pay attention to anything else. From the moment Kat went to the airport to the adorable pillow fort, I was just sitting there watching this beautiful relationship blossom. I even enjoyed when Kat said goodbye to Adena. Yes, it was hard, but man was it handled in a mature way!! You know an OTP is amazing when you think their farewell is amazing. I say it every week, but I can’t wait to see Kadena grow even more. PUDDLE OF FEELS WITH THESE TWO!


What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode?


Liz: OMG def the part where Sutton was on the treadmill and then straight up face planted when Jacqueline came in. Just drunk!Sutton in general is a gift to us all.


Erin: All the 45 jokes had me laughing. But all the Kadena moments. I loved those.


Chloe: The impromptu (and alcohol-fueled) genderless fashion show in the Scarlet offices. This was such a fun moment, especially with Jacqueline watching with amusement from her office. The #Janestripe feelings were real.


Lizzie: Kat and Adena. Every second of Kat and Adena, especially the after.


Nora: Kat and Adena doing everything they did in this episode. So adorable. Also, I loved drunk Sutton. She’s just a comedic gem on this show!


What was your favorite quote from this week’s episode?


Liz:  “And that’s how I knew it was the right decision. Because it scared the shit outta me.” — Jacqueline.


Erin:  “How many times does Trump need to keep coming here? Doesn’t he live somewhere else now?” – Sutton


Chloe: “Nevertheless, we will persist. I refuse to cancel a pitch meeting on account of that man.” – Jacqueline


Lizzie:  I’m here. I’m in this with you. – Kat


Nora: “How many times does Trump need to keep coming here? Doesn’t he live somewhere else now?” – Sutton

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