The Bold Type 1×10 Recap: Carry the Weight

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The Bold Type has made it’s mark in summer television. Starting out as seemingly innocent and happy fun, the show quickly proved that it was much more than just a feel good show about fashion and millennials. It tackled real issues and did so in a realistic way, making it more about the issue than about the rating.

The season finale was no different — touching on the subject of sexual assault. Tied together with some of the usual suspects: fashion, relationships, friendships, and this finale was one for the books.


Even though Jane has taken the job at Incite, she still has to do this pesky thing called quitting her old job. But before she can politely give her two week notice to Jacqueline, she has a very different conversation with her boss — leading her to her last story at Scarlet.

When Jane first started as a writer at Scarlet she pitched a story about a woman, Mia, who was standing in a gazebo in Central Park holding a scale in each hand. These scales represented the justice system and she was holding them to make a statement — the weight of injustice was with her always. This injustice was her sexual assault. The charges against her attacker were dropped and Mia decided to do something about it. (No, not put on all black and beat him up, but that would be suh-weet (and vicious)) She started holding these scales in a gazebo in the park and when she first started, there were crowds and crowds of people, some taking the scales and holding them for a bit — sharing that they had been sexually assaulted too.

But time went on and Mia faded from the media, but she still stood there with her scales. A testament to how far she was willing to go to make an important point. And while her story wasn’t what Jane originally wanted to talk to Jacqueline about, she decided to prove that she could take on this story and make it a really great story.

Jacqueline kept pushing Jane to make the story better, go deeper and make it impactful. So Jane forged ahead, wanting Mia’s art to reach an audience and enlisted Kat’s help. With almost 2 million followers on Twitter, Jane and Kat set up a Periscope to live stream Mia’s statement to their entire Twitter following. But Jacqueline wanted more — so much so that Jane felt like she let Jacqueline down.


This resulted in Jane quitting at Scarlet’s fashion week party rather than in Jacqueline’s office. It was quick and impulsive, but still tear jerking. Jane obviously didn’t want to do it right then and there, but she felt she was out of options. Feeling like she let Jacqueline down, Jane left the party and went to stand with Mia in the park. She was later joined by Kat and Sutton, holding hands with all of them before they were surprised by another person.

In an extremely powerful scene, Jacqueline stepped through the small human barrier the three girls made in front of Mia. The boss we all know and love stepped up to Mia, taking the scales from Mia’s hands and facing Jane, Kat and Sutton. Jacqueline lifted her chin high and held the scales for all of those watching the Periscope to see.

There’s something to be said for how television shows are addressing sexual assault. It can be loud and sort of violent like in Sweet/Vicious or a quiet and soft move like what Jacqueline did in The Bold Type. Something that stuck with me was when Jane was interviewing her about the sexual assault, Jacqueline said, in reference to feeling normal after a sexual assault, “You find a new normal.” And that can be applied to The Bold Type where Jacqueline just pushed it down and tried to  ignore it or even how the new normal for Jules from Sweet/Vicious became beating up attackers and getting justice. They carry the weight, it’s just a matter of how they carry the weight — and who’s going to help them.


Fashion week is already stressful enough for Sutton, but pile on an awkward love life, and Sutton’s juggling a lot. She wants to prove to Oliver that she can be trusted — which will then lead her to a coveted spot at a fashion show, so she is on top of her game. We’re talking having items ready before Oliver asks, creating lists of lookalike items for those reading the magazine that can’t afford the runway items and doubling down on her errands. Sutton’s got it covered.

The only thing she doesn’t have covered is where she stands with Alex. Ever since the two had the sex, they’ve only had awkward small talk. But Sutton’s OVER IT and decides to have a real conversation with Alex. This leads to them in the stairwell, which leads to them kissing only to be interrupted by Jacqueline.

Since Alex is Sutton’s superior, both Sutton and Alex have to report to HR to discuss what their relationship is. And so HR’s butts are covered, they bring in someone from the legal department. You guessed it, it’s Richard.


After a very awkward meeting, Sutton’s got to figure her heart out. At the Scarlet party, she manages to snag a quick second with Richard to apologize for the position she put him in and he responds with the fact that he should’ve fought for her. And that makes her pause. She realizes she still has feelings for Richard and decides to break off whatever was going to start with Alex before it starts.


Every social media manager’s dream is to increase their account following. And 2 million is a pretty large number. Of course, our girl Kat is on the job. She’s got almost 2 million followers and is hoping her fashion week party is the final push to get to that goal.

While Kat is very excited about her 2 million, we also know our girl and know that she’s forcing all of her energy on work so she doesn’t have to think about Adena. Even though she didn’t get on the plane with her bae, they still keep in contact and it’s clear that Kat sorta kinda regrets not getting on the plane.

But Kat pushes forward, helping Jane with her article and listening to Sutton’s boy problems. She pulls off this BOMB ASS party and there’s nothing but positive feedback from anyone and everyone. There shouldn’t be any problems, right? Wrong.

Kat hits that 2 million follower game, but instead of jumping up and down and getting super excited, she admits that it just makes her feel empty inside. It’s clear that this isn’t what her heart was set on, mostly her head and she decides that it’s time to act on impulse.

We end the episode with her going off to a new adventure and we can only hope that it ends well (and in Adena’s arms.)


The season finale wrapped up quite nicely and though I’m PRAYING to the television gods for a season two renewal, I’m content with how this ended. What were your thoughts?

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