Bollywood Star Amy Jackson Joins Cast of ‘Supergirl’

You know that we are always interested in anything and everything that has to do with Supergirl. Contrary to popular belief, our love of the show is not just Karamel.

It was announced earlier this week that Supergirl will be getting some help this season from Saturn Girl. Who was cast? Well that would be Bollywood actress Amy Jackson, joining in a recurring role.

Who is Saturn Girl? Her real name is Imra Ardeen, who was born a Titan (that’s one of Saturn’s moons). She’s telekinetic, kind, and strong willed. She comes to Earth to help Supergirl battle one of her threats, well one of the biggest ones. And no – that threat is not Karamel haters.

Nor online trolls. (Yes, I went there).

Supergirl returns October 9th. Will you be watching?


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