‘Boy Band’: Our 8 Favorite Spice Girls Songs


Who says boy bands are a thing of the past?

ABC is looking for the next big boy band with its summer series aptly titled Boy Band, which premieres this Thursday. A handful of young men will vy for a spot on the next boy band complete with a record contract from Hollywood Records. Along the way, they’ll be groomed by three of music’s biggest stars from the past and present.

And if there’s anyone who knows a little something about crafting a successful band, it’s Spice Girls’ Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice). With Emma serving as an architect on ABC’s Boy Band, it got us reaching into our 90s nostalgia vault for some of our favorite Spice Girls tunes.

Here are our 8 favorite Spice Girls songs (which has us spiraling back into 90s pop music; don’t mind us if we’re listening to this nonstop for the next week):

1. “Wannabe”

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the Spice Girls is there any song more iconic than “Wannabe?” This song’s reputation speaks for itself. It’s an anthem about girl power and the power of friendship. Not to mention it’s a song that just makes you feel good. From the 90s on, every generation knows this one. Excuse me, I’ll be jamming to this for the rest of the day.

2. “Spice Up Your Life”

Another iconic Spice Girls jam, “Spice Up Your Life” was Spice World’s answer to “Wannabe.” It’s a song that’s guaranteed to get you up and dancing, which is something these girls have always been amazing at. Just in case you hadn’t been acquainted with the Spice Girls at this point, well this was guaranteed to spice up your life.

3. “Say You’ll Be There”

How do you follow up a smash single like “Wannabe?” The answer to that is “Say You’ll Be There,” which established the Spice Girls as more than a one hit wonder. This pop track preached the balance of give and take in a fun and catchy way. The music in this track is insane. Pop mixed with jazz and powerhouse vocals that make for one hell of a pop song.

4. “Mama”

This song is all about hitting the emotional bulls-eye for me. These words. They’re all true. While the Spice Girls were known for their upbeat tracks, the girls could just as easily slow it down and show their emotional side. “Mama” is simple in its inception, but it’s such an amazing song that captures the sentimental and hopeful aspects of its concept. Every time I listen to this song, it brings tears to my eyes (like right now. Damn it.)

5. “2 Become 1”

This was another song that showcased the Spice Girls’ ability to slow it down and get romantic. “2 Become 1” is one of those songs I remember as an 8 year old not knowing the meaning behind it but still was obsessed with it. This is a song that showed that the Spice Girls can do a lot more than just get you dancing. They can serenade you with their gorgeous voices.

6. “Viva Forever”

Once again, “Viva Forever” is an example of a song just hitting me right in the feels. It’s a song that just reminds me not to take life for granted; to live your life to the fullest. Then you have the girls delivering it in such a soft yet powerful way that adds to the emotional side of it. As always, the unique instrumental blend is touching and mesmerizing.

7. “Stop”

“Stop” is just one of those feel good songs that is guaranteed to get you up singing and dancing. Like all of their songs, it manages to bring you some catchy fun while also maintaining a message. These girls are at their best when their beautiful harmonies shine through combined with those big instrumental backgrounds.

8. “Goodbye”

The only reason this song made my list (seeing it didn’t include Geri in the group) is because the raw emotion in this tune. This was the girls’ goodbye to Geri as she left the Spice Girls and broke everyone’s hearts in the process. I still remember when this happened. It was absolutely devastating. This song reminds us that all good things must come to an end at some point. And the scary thing is, we don’t know when that is.

You can catch Emma on Boy Band, which premieres Thursday at 8/7c on ABC.

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