‘The Brave’ 1×06 Review: “Covers”

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“So how’s it feel to be a superhero?”
“Not as sexy as I thought.”

A “cover”; something one would expect from a special operations team. But The Brave’s sixth episode, “The Seville Defection” wasn’t just about Dalton and his team’s covers, it was about discovering that any and every one, at any moment, could have that veil pulled over their eyes. Being able to decipher who is honest and who is deceiving you and your team is what truly makes a good agent.


What started out as a night of relaxation for the team, turned into a possible Russian agent defection ploy. McGuire (McG) received a lot of flak from both Campbell and Dalton at first based off his choices during his off duty time and I didn’t blame them for this. In a time of war, and after seeing everything they have seen, there is definitely a sense of paranoia that is always present. “Attention to detail” as it’s commonly known as in the service, is everything. This doesn’t just apply to how pressed your uniform looks or if you miss a typo in an email, but its being completely engrossed in everything you do. You can’t let things slip, especially in a unit like Dalton’s because that one time mistake could be a matter of life or death.

Thankfully, in this situation, McG’s instincts were spot on. And while Dalton may have given him a hard time from the start, he respected McG and chose to see the situation through. He trusted not only in him, but in his team. He questioned all of them and got their opinion and viewpoints and made his decision. It still amazes me the level of leadership he portrays. He listens to his people and never makes a brash decision. It’s utterly inspiring!

While the special operations team was trying to determine if the agent was legit, back stateside, Noah and Hannah were running defense. We got to see Noah flex his undercover skills and it was everything I could’ve asked for! He was confident and didn’t show an ounce of fear or break his cover once. I loved Tate Ellington in Quantico and seeing him in the field this week reminded me so much of his character Simon. He jumped in head first and didn’t look back. He was determined to get answers for his team and having Hannah there to support him was so amazing to watch. I truly enjoy the dynamic between these two with the way they feed off of each other and support without question.

My biggest takeaway from “The Seville Defection” is that not everything is as it appears to be. It’s easy to cast doubt and judge but where true courage comes from is trusting and taking chances. The team did that in this episode, knowing that if they were wrong, it could be their demise. Each week they take risks, they put themselves in the line of fire but what was different about this episode is that the line of fire came to them, so to speak. They didn’t have to help Mr. Sokolov or his daughter. They could have easily moved on and not taken that chance. But their determination to prove that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover paid off in the best way. Once again, they proved why they are The Brave.

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Dalton – Anyone else jump when Dalton flew in and took out that Venezuelan? We already know how strong Dalton is mentally and physically but I love being reminded of it. He was stealth and precise in every movement. From tackling the first assassin to the ground without a soul noticing to catching the second after Jaz’s sniper shot, Dalton exhibited why he is the leader of this phenomenal team. He leads from the front without batting an eye and trusts his people. Mike Vogel continues to amaze me in everything he does and I truly feel this role was made for him because I honestly couldn’t see anyone else as the amazing Dalton.

Noah – Um, awesome with a side of kick ass, table for one, please! Noah!! He killed it in this episode for me. Not just with his flawless undercover work but as soon as he discovered that Megan was in fact the mole, he went in full throttle. Took blade to the leg, crashed the car, and saved the damn day all without breaking a sweat! When the camera panned over and he was holding that gun, I legit cheered! It was such a kick-ass moment for him and it was fantastic seeing him out from behind a computer and in the field. All I can say is: more please!


Campbell: “Treason doesn’t just happen.”

Preach: “You don’t have to apologize for making a connection with someone. That kind of thing is not common. Shouldn’t be ignored no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.”

Ivan Sokolov: “It’s easy to stand on principle until it’s the people we love who will suffer from it.”

Dalton: “Any girl. You could have picked any girl in Spain. Instead you pick the half-Russian spy daughter.”

McGuire: “Technically, she picked me.”

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This may be the first time I’ve ever disagreed or not been 100% on board with but I was getting serious vibes between Dalton and Jaz this week…romantically and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I don’t know if this is where that relationship is headed but I like the dynamic they already have. I like how much she looks up to him and respects him and in turn, the respect and admiration he has for her as the only female in his unit. He doesn’t treat her differently because of this, if anything, he holds her at even higher level because he knows what she is capable of. I worry if a romance is introduced, this might affect that connection. While I’m not saying I hate the idea, I think if that is the direction this is headed in, I might need a little more convincing. I could be persuaded… 😉

I have to say that the fact that we’re past episode six and this is the first time I haven’t seen eye to eye on something says a lot about this show. Most shows, I’ve already found something or someone that I could do without or that I’d change. Not everyone sees things the same way or reacts how you expect them to but with The Brave, I don’t think I’ve seen a single bad response, tweet or review. Viewers all seem to be on the same page and that is that Mr. Georgaris has created one of the brightest and most honest shows to ever grace our screens.

The writers and cast portray this team in such an organic way that you can’t help but root for every single person. You hold your breath when they’re in danger, you cheer when they succeed and you cry when they hurt. It makes you feel. You aren’t just a person sitting on a couch watching a show, you feel involved; like you’re a part of this team, this family. It’s a heartwarming feeling and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!

See you next week! Same time, same amazing show!

The Brave airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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