We’re Breaking Down The Trailer for Fallen

enThe Fallen trailer is finally here! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever since I first heard that a movie version of the book Fallen by Lauren Kate was going to be thing. So I couldn’t be more excited to finally see Sword & Cross come to life.

Off the bat — the feel of it! It starts with Luce running from the Shadows, before explaining anything. Throughout the trailer the same black and dark palette is adhered to. It seems like they’re trying to say, “Listen, this isn’t going to be light fare. It’s going to be dark and intense.”

Love it!

I don’t know that I necessarily loved the immediate connection made with Twilight. I, myself, am a Twihard, but those movies have such strong reactions to them on either side of the love it/hate it spectrum. I understand why the movie makers felt like they should make the connection, but I kind of wish they didn’t.

Also — the school looks kind of amazing! It’s huge, and check out that killer library!

But let’s talk about the boys! Does Daniel – as portrayed here – remind anyone else of brooding Jace Wayland? I hope he grows into his own wings (see what I did there?!) and stands out as his own person.

Can we see some more Cam?! True story: I was actually #TeamCam for a large part of the book…then I got to the end and realized, “Oh, my bad.”  But — I almost can’t believe I’m saying this — the trailer seems to downplay the love triangle aspect and I’d like to see it played up a bit more. Hopefully Cam gets some good coverage in the film.

So, those are my thoughts! What about you? What did they get right? Or maybe not right? Do you think it’ll do well in the theaters? Let us know in the comments.


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