Breaking Down ‘The White Princess’, Episode 5: Queen Mums Have Some Issues

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Ok, I am at a crossroads when it comes to The White Princess. Why is it that way? Well, that would be because as much as I love Lizzie and Henry together, I think Lizzie is a dipshit for denying her brother, Richard. But none of that makes any sense to you if you have not watched this weeks episode of The White Princess.

And oh what an episode it was.

Let us break down, “Traitors.”

Lizzie must deal with her mother’s defiant defense of the York cause, while the appearance of a boy in Burgundy claiming to be a young prince threatens to further destabilize King Henry’s rule. King Henry’s mother Lady Margaret Beaufort faces the consequences of harboring a dark secret.

I dare say it, but Lizzie was the biggest traitor of all – because she betrayed family.

But here we go.


So, at the end of last episode, Richard showed up in Burgundy. As you may recall, The Duchess was thrilled when she returned and saw that Richard had made his way to her. There is a York Prince that is alive.

News has spread that Richard is alive and there is nothing Henry wants more than to prove that he is not a real York. If he’s not a real York, then the unrest will subside and England will stand behind Henry. The Duchess invites Henry and Lizze to Burgundy to see Richard for themselves. There is no way that Henry is making his way to Burgundy, so he decides to send Maggie and her husband instead. Maggie should be able to tell if it is Richard.

Only problem is that she has never met Richard in person before.

But Lizzie tells Maggie that she must go and she’s not to tell anyone but her if it is Richard. Because Henry must never know that Richard escaped the tower. He must never know that there is truly a possibility that he is alive.

Maggie makes her way to Burgundy and meets Richard. Dude, Richard is charming as fuck. I have to admit even I am taken in by that smile and his laughter. You can see the doubt in Maggie’s face, not that he’s Richard, the doubt that she can say that he isn’t Richard. She sees it in his face, in his eyes. She knows that it is him. And when they sit and have a talk, she realizes that it is him.

Only the next day, her husband tries to talk her out of what she knows. He’s written King Henry and has let them know that they are coming home. Maggie looks just as afraid as when Teddy was put in the tower.

They return home and Maggie lies to Henry and says that it is not Richard. But we can all see that she is lying. Her husband hands Henry the proof of all the nobles that have pledged their loyalty to Richard. We have the traitors.


Ok, so Lizzie goes to visit her Mom and she wants information. She knows that her mother can’t be trusted, she knows that she’s got one thing in mind – restoring the York’s to the throne. She is possessed by it. Nothing else matters to her.

It’s no secret that the Dowager Queen has been in contact with the Duchess and Lizzie wants to know what her Aunt is up to. She just needs some sort of idea so that she can help Henry. But she’s getting no help from her Mama. Her Mama wants Richard on the throne.

Lizzie tells her that this is her fault, that she made her a Tudor Queen. But it quickly turns to her telling her Mama that she loved Richard more than she loves Elizabeth.

The Dowager Queen tells Lizzie that her time is running out. She wants to live out her days with Lizzie, but she knows that Henry would never allow that. Lizzie tells her that Henry loves her and will give her what she wants.


So, as we know, Henry’s Mom is out of her fucking mind. That bitch is insane. Queen Mom Cray Cray – like I am thankful for how uncrazy mine was. Apologies Mom for all the times I thought that you were out of it.

So anyhow, she’s always on the defensive and is always like, “if it is God’s will”, etc. She keeps trying to tell the world that everything is God’s will, but the truth is she’s certifiable. We’re about to find out why.

See, Henry has decided that he is going to bestow upon his son the title of The Duke of York. The thing is Lizzie’s Mama comes in and ruins the day. She reminds them that there is only one Duke of York – Richard.

She is taken away and Queen Mom Cray Cray meets her in the hallway. She tells her that all she has done is proven to England that she’s insane. But The Dowager Queen reminds her that she has blood on her hands.

You would think that Queen Mom Cray Cray would not take much seriously, but she does. She is washing her hands and all she can see is the blood all over them. She runs to the church and she starts praying. Jasper comes in and wants to know if she is okay. She is in hysterics and admits to Jasper that she orchestrated the killing of the two young Yorks.

Jasper knows that this is something that Henry would never forgive. He can’t even look at her anymore. For two people that loved each other through the worst, things are only about to get worse. He tells her that he doesn’t know if he will tell Henry, but she should know that Henry would never forgive her.

She begs him not to tell.

A few days later, Jasper’s wife lets Henry know that he needs to talk to him. Henry is in the middle of something, but eager to know that he won’t say a word, his Mom volunteers to go in. That bitch goes insane and smothers Jasper.

I want to kick the shit out of her. Like I HATE HER. That bitch is certifiable. She seems heartbroken, cause she’s crying like crazy. But, I don’t care.


Like what do we have to do to get rid of her?

The White Princess airs Sundays on STARZ.

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