Britt Robertson Inks The Lead In a New Film

We love us some Britt Robertson – Secret Circle fans for life over here.

So we’re glad that Britt has been making quite the name for herself – you know, starring in everything. Like for instance, The Longest Ride (which we totally visited the set for, but we’ll tell you about that at a later date).

Britt has been cast in a new movie – opposite Eddie Murphy.

According to Deadline, here’s what we know –

Britt Robertson has inked a lead role in Cook, the tale of a cook hired by a dying man to make meals for his girlfriend and his daughter after he passes. Eddie Murphy is set to play the titular Henry Church, an artistic man who agrees to care for the dying Marie Brody and her daughter Charlotte for six months, only to end up ingrained in their lives for the next 15 years.

It’s pretty awesome – how well her career is coming along. Britt has inked the lead.

We say congrats!

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