Can Anyone Leave Lakewood? And Other Serious ‘Scream’ Questions

screamqsThe second season of Scream ended about two weeks ago and while many questions were answered, there are still a few things that I’ve been wondering about. These questions have kept me up at night and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since the finale. So if you have any answers to these questions, please let me know immediately so I can start sleeping again.

What’s With the Tape Decks?

I seriously want to know how Kieran and Emma got a tape deck to play Ms. Lang’s cassette. Did they steal it from her desk? Did they buy? How much was it? Was it worth it?? SO MANY QUESTIONS WITHIN THIS ONE QUESTION.

How did Androids and iPhones use iMessage?

Lakewood is a very accepting town — they accepted serial killers into their homes, so it’s no surprise that both Android and iPhone users can get along. And when you have both Android and iPhone users coexisting, the texts exchanged usually show up in the green bubble. Yet, in Lakewood, everyone has iMessage even if they’re using an Android. (CC: Audrey’s iPhone messaging the killer’s Android) So, uhm, how’d they hack the system? I’d like to know because using the green SMS texts makes me have violent flashbacks to middle school and the Juke phones.

Just How Old Is Kieran?

We figured out that Kieran was the killer, yes, but what was even more surprising was the fact that he was “banging” Piper. So I have to wonder how old Kieran REALLY is. Is he actually like high school age and Piper is just a creep orrrr is Kieran like 25 or however old Piper was and just playing everyone? If he’s actually Piper’s age, it explains his Dad Like tendencies, but also how did he get away with that with his dad? So confused!!!!

Can Anyone Really Leave Lakewood?

If I was in this kind of mass murderer situation, I would just leave town. So, I want to know if anyone can actually leave Lakewood. Or is it like a Lost situation? Are they in purgatory? The only person who ever “left” was Emma’s dad but…did he?

How Many Rounds Were in that Handgun?

In the finale, Emma steals the deputy’s gun after escaping the handcuffs. She then uses it multiple times—and even Kieran uses it, which begs the question of how many rounds was in that gun? Okay, let’s break it down and see if that gun was really useful or not.

So a typical Glock (a police handgun) has about 15 bullets in a clip.

  • 2 shots by the deputy before he was murdered.
  • 3 shots by Emma in the movie theater,
  • 3 shots while Emma chased the killer through the orphanage.
  • 1 shot at Eli by Emma
  • 3 shots by Kieran at Eli
  • 1 shot fired when Emma shoved the bookcase onto Kieran
  • 2 shots by Emma at Kieran.

Add this up (with a calculator duh) and you get 15.

So maybe, Emma didn’t kill Kieran because she knew her clip was empty? I don’t know, but either way, the girl just made it.

Why Wasn’t the FBI Been Called?

Honestly, though, the adults of Lakewood are just letting the teens of Lakewood figure out this murder stuff like, “Ah, yes, it’s a rite of passage.” Like?? SO many people have died at the hands of this murderer and no federal agent was called once! Obviously the Lakewood PD couldn’t handle it on their own so why not call for backup?

Kieran’s Hair

This isn’t so much a question for us, the audience, as is it for Kieran. So, hey, buddy. Can you see? Do you want me to send headbands to your prison cell? How did you get away with all of this if you couldn’t even see through the curtain of your bangs?

Other than that, everything’s been cleared up! I have no other questions. Let me know if you have any answers or any other further questions! Until next time!

Liz Harkins

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