Can We Talk About How Cute StoryBrook Cosmetics New Quill and Ink Liner Is?


Here’s the thing that we love about Storybrook Cosmetics. They get that makeup is meant to enhance – but it doesn’t have to just enhance your face.

It can also enhance your vanity. So they make everything pretty.

It’s like you should just be prepared to feel like a princess and as though you are about to write the most beautiful letter. Only that beautiful letter is your face and the amazing eyeliner that will accent those sparklers.

Granted – we don’t know what their eyeliner is like – but that is such a pretty brush and container.

We can’t wait to see this in real life and will order it like we do their other stuff – cause AMAZING! Check out their Instagram page for some more of their cute stuff. You are going to want to order it all.

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