Caption This: #Reign Promotional Pictures

We’re excited for Reign to return. Stills from the first three episodes have been released (which we’ll be posting the day of air, in order to get you ready.). Keeping in unison with our Rewriting Arrow, we have decided to make our guesses about Reign based on the pictures. We’re calling it – “Caption This”.



“Maybe I am high, but I’m not sure where or what to put into the keyhole.”


“Im thankful I can look down her dress.”


“No that’s his sword and he’s not happy to see you.”


“All I am saying if you have that much hair growing out of your neck, a wax is a good idea.”


“Yes, she just had a baby, but she bounces back. Don’t be jealous.”


“So what you are saying is…”


“That’s right, chase after me mistress.”

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