We Talk about Meeting Alice Englert


We admit, we are like you. We wondered who the hell is Alice Englert and why has she been cast as Lena? So, when we had the chance to head to New Orleans, we were super excited to get to know the girl who would be playing Lena.

Dave (the set Publicist) walked us into video village, and you could see Alice sitting in the Caster Library. She looked like a small delicate doll, hidden behind a podium. Her skirt hung down over her ankles. She looked like she was getting swallowed behind the podium. But somehow she looked perfect.

Here’s the thing about Alice. She’s quiet, she’s soft spoken, but she draws all attention to her. She doesn’t look like a little girl lost in the big bad world of Hollywood. She looks like Hollywood can get lost in her.

Our interview with Alice took place in between waiting for Alden to come back. However, when you are with Alice, the worry of getting to finish your interview with Alden is the last thing from your mind.

When we walked into the room where we would be interviewing Alice, she smiled at each one of us. She didn’t seem to mind that there was a group of journalists invading her space, and about to try to pry into every detail of her life that we could.

She smiled and asked if we needed chairs or anything. She seemed to have a genuinely kind and worrisome heart. Alice Englert makes an impression. Below is part one of the interview with Alice. Next week, we’ll give you part two (and that will explain why we think she’s absolutely perfect for the role).


Question: So tell us how you got the role, where you up against many other actresses? Did you love the book?

Alice: I try not to think about it because it is a little bit frightening.  The way that this came together, getting that part, was the easiest thing. That sounds terrible, but I never got a part with such ease. Generally, it’s like a year or two years of struggling. Richard pursued me actually. I was a little nervous to do this movie to begin with. I had so much respect for him, and once I actually read the script, I had so much respect for the story and the script, and for everyone who was working on this, that I was in. I auditioned once and I got it.

Question: And what was it that Richard had seen you in? What had spoken to him?

Alice: He saw me rambling in an audition where I didn’t get something. For something else.

Question: Do you identify with your character?

Alice: Yes, definitely.

Question: In which ways?

Alice: Well, she’s a young girl, she’s insecure, she’s feels things, she’s out of control. I feel that all the time.

Question: If you really had the ability to cast, to have power what would you chose?

Alice: I really have no idea. There are infinite possibilities for that, and I am the type of person that would take that very seriously.

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about your career? How you got into acting?

Alice: I was born into a film family. I was born into loving stories. I grew up with film. I grew up with stories. I got into it how everyone else has to, which is through the hard onslaught of auditioning. And you hear a lot of people say no. And you don’t take it personally, you deal with it, and then someone says yes. And then you say Thank You.

Question: Did you go to one of the acting schools?

Alice: No, no I didn’t. I studied with my mother. She’s a director, and I respect her work a lot. We both love working together. I worked with her, and I worked with a few different people. Mine was a home grown kind of experience.

Question: At what age did you know you wanted to become an actress?

Alice: I still don’t know. I have no idea. I never went I am going to be an actress. I am just very happy to be working and doing something that I love. I wouldn’t presume to know anything.

Question: Several fans have commented on your singing abilities and wondered if you will be singing on the soundtrack?

Alice: Um, I don’t sing in the movie. But I don’t know, we’ll have to leave it at that.

Question: What traits of Lenas personality were you interested in bringing to the set?

Alice: What I really liked about her was the two contrasts. She can be very hard and cool and whitty, but she really really just wants someone to say, you are great. And she has to be hard, because no one has said that to her. She doesn’t know how to be vulnerable. And I think that’s really interesting.  For you to see the person that someone is pretending to be and the person that they are.

Stay tuned for next week, when we tell you what skipping had to do with why we can’t imagine anyone but Alice playing Lena.

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