Casting News for the Adaptation of @KodyKeplinger ‘The DUFF’


imagesI am legit flipping out! Why? The DUFF – by Kody Keplinger is finally being adapted.And who is set to star? Mae Whitman!

Now I would like to say it, Mae Whitman is not fat. So, I can’t see her as “The Designated Ugly Fat Friend”, but I am quickly going to adapt.

The book is a great story and fans have been waiting for forever for this to be made. The book was optioned by McG who will be producing under his banner.

According to DEADLINE…

Parenthood‘s Mae Whitman is in negotiations to lead CBS Films comedy The DUFF, adapted from Kody Keplinger’s coming-of-age novel. She’ll star as Bianca, a 17-year-old girl who deals with the ignominy of being labeled the “designated ugly fat friend” of her social group by leading her fellow DUFFs in a scheme to overthrow the school’s evil queen, Madison.

Anyone else super excited for this one? If you haven’t read the book, you need to. Its great.

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