Celebrate St Paddy’s with our own little Leprechaun, Niall Horan


Anyone who knows anything about One Direction, knows that they are not just a British Band…but also, Irish. Niall Horan, their lone Irish member has always been outspoken and proudly Irish, jigging on stage, wearing the flag proudly, and even getting teary when first playing Croke Park in Dublin on their Where We Are Tour.

Niall counts some of Ireland’s greats as friends, from both the sports and entertainment realms. And as if that isn’t enough, the Queen herself greeted Niall and other prominent Irish in March 2014…quite fancy!

So, to celebrate this St Patrick’s Day, lets look back on some of Niall’s most notable Irish moments…

  • Niall is a huge sports fan. That is no secret to anyone who follows the band, and especially no surprise to anyone who follows his Intagram and Twitter accounts. He has been known to shout via his phone keyboard at the players, cheering them on, and groaning at losses. This first photo combines his love for his home country, with his enthusiasm for sport, as he cheered on the luck of the Irish.
  • screen-shot-2014-03-15-at-4-11-36-pm-1
  • As One Directions first show at Croke Park in Dublin approached for their Where We Are tour, there was no shortage of Irish support as their homegrown hero came back to put on a string of shows. Niall even admitted his own nerves, as playing at the infamous stadium had been a dream for him. May 2014 changed that for him, and as he wore the Irish flag proudly, everyone could feel his pride.
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  • The final photo in this little Irish jig down memory lane is a fan favorite, taken by our own Liam Payne. During a show in June 2014, Niall got ahold of a crown which stated ‘Irish Princess’. As if the cutie wearing a crown wasn’t swoonworthy enough, throw in a pouty face and the fandom melted.
  • niall-horan-irish-princess

So on this St Patrick’s day, drink a little Guinness, do a little jig, and say a little prayer for our own little Irish lucky charm! Life would be a lot less interesting without him!

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