Celebrities That Inspired Us In 2017

There are many celebrities out there that inspire their fans.

We want to look back at 2017 as it comes to a close, and look at the celebrities that inspired us this year. There’s so much that has happened this year, that sometimes the good that some celebrities do gets pushed under the rug. This our list talking about the ones that we noticed above all the chatter and still inspired us and the rest of the their fans to do good. To take action to a cause.

John Boyega

We love that just because you are famous doesn’t mean that you have to loose who you are. We love that it still means giving back.

For John Boyega, one of the stars of Star Wars, he hasn’t forgotten. The actor, who is busy with multiple roles delivers toys delivered toys on behalf of the Rays of Sunshine children’s charity, for sick children at The Royal London Hospital.

One of the most important things in the world to us are children and we love to see celebrities making life a better place for them. We applaud all that do.

Chris Wood

Chris Wood, known for his roles as Mon-El on Supergirl, Kai Parker on The Vampire Diairies, and Jake Riley on Containent, has been one of our biggest inspirations this year.

With the release of his I Don’t Mind campaign back in October, it got us thinking about our own mental health and how we handle it. We’ve seen posts from many fans telling Chris about how his campaign has gotten them to open up about their issues and get the help they need.

Chris has been a mental health activist for years, and was inspired to talk due to the death of his father. His words, “Your mind matters, talk about it” ring true for us as well. Take these words and live by them. As Chris says, “It’s ok to not be ok.”

Talk to someone, anyone. Also, if you got an I Don’t Mind shirt or hat from his campaign, wear it proudly. Talk about the campaign, and share your pics with Chris and the campaign. He often posts photos on the campaign’s Instagram and Twitter.

The other thing about Chris we love is that he has always stood up for the rights of women. He’s truly a feminist man, and follows the vision that a show like Supergirl has. Without men like Chris, this world would be a very bad place.

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Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman is one of the best movies of the year. With an almost $820 million USD world wide box office, it’s also the highest grossing of the year.

With the word of a sequel around the corner, we are excited, along with everyone else. One thing that made us even more inspired by Gal was that she refused to make the Wonder Woman sequel with Brett Ratner’s company still funding it. It made us even more inspired.

This has been the year, unlike any before it, that women have stood up and taken back what is theirs. We applaud Gal for her integrity and not letting someone like Ratner fund a movie that is about a feminist, iconic superhero like Wonder Woman.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is known in the world of country music as an island boy. He sells out football stadiums and has huge tours. His songs, inspirational. This is one of the reasons why he’s on this list.

The main reason, though, are his actions after Hurricane Imra destroyed the US Virgin Islands, where Kenny calls home majority of the year. His home, which he offered as shelter during the hurricane to the islanders, was destroyed in the midst of the hurricane, but he didn’t let that get to him.

What inspires us about this story is that he immediately went to help the people of the islands rebuild what they lost during one of the worst natural disasters of 2017. He did everything from helping rescue stranded animals to set up a foundation to fund relief. He’s an inspiration to us, and will continue to be.


Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, who we all love for his movies like Clerks and of course his directing of episodes of Supergirl and The Flash, among other things, is another one of our inspirations this year.

Most of his early career was funded by Harvey Weinstein, and when the scandal broke, Kevin put his money where his mouth was and rejected any more money made off those films and decided to donate $2,000 per month to Women In Film, an organization which bills itself as a nonprofit dedicated to promoting diversity in the media arts to atone for the actions of Wienstien. He said, “And no movie is f***ing worth all this.”

This is why Kevin is on this list. He is an inspiration to us for standing up for the rights of women who work in the media and film industries.

The Women of DCTV

Melissa Benoist,  Caity Lotz, Chyler Leigh, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Emily Bett Rickards, and a few others, got together and started Shethority. It proves that women can empower themselves and make the world better for all women.

You will always be a true inspiration. All of the woman shown in the instagram post below are inspirations to us, along with the movement they started, but Melissa time and time again proves to be the living embodiment of her character, on screen and off, and she fights for what is right.

No truer words can be said than when Melissa and the other lovely ladies noted, and some of the wonderful men they work beside, spoke up against their own boss and got him fired for sexual harassment.

This is why they are on this list.


Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, deserves to be on this list. She stood by her beliefs, despite what the studio wanted, and made a truly feminist superhero movie that became the highest grossing film of 2017.

Without Patty Jenkins, we wouldn’t have the film we got. This is why she is on this list.

Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok is another inspiration of ours. His story shows that if you dream it, you can do. So, we will take that advice and keep dreaming our dreams. He stuck to his vision for Thor:Ragnarok and because of that we got these multi layered characters that we know and at the same time, don’t. We got the amazing movie we got because of him sticking to it. We go something that hadn’t really been shown in the MCU before and his vision is what led us to it.

Luke Bryan

Country singer Luke Bryan has always been an inspiration to us. He’s had his hard ships the past few years with the death of his brother in law, being the most recent. In the wake of this, he and his wife took in his nieces and nephews and decided to raise them along with their own children. Combine this with Luke’s busy tour schedule and now with him being on American Idol, we have a lot of respect for Luke and he inspires us to be able to keep on moving despite the hardships life throws at us.

Chyler Leigh

Chyler Leigh, known as Alex Danvers, Supergirl’s big sister, has been very inspirational to us this year. Not only as her character, who went through an inspiring coming out story that related with a lot of fans of the show, but as herself as well.

Chyler is an outspoken ally to the LGBT community and for women everywhere. She has teamed up with her co-star and on screen sister Melissa Benoist (and the other DCTV ladies) with Shethority, and has helped many of fans who are struggling with their own sexuality and inspires them to not be afraid of who they are and live their life without fear.

You are a true inspiration, Chyler.

The Women of One Tree Hill

The cast of One Tree Hill  took  a stand and how they came together to out their former show runner Mark Schwahn for all the shit he did, well we applaud you. Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush and the other female cast members brought Schwahn’s behavior out into the open and were the first cast to come together to write an open letter and sign it, stating what had happened to them. They stated that they want the show to “remain the place ‘where everything’s better and everything’s safe’ for our fans; some of whom have said that the show quite literally saved their lives.”

These actions helped others come out and state what was happening. It was part of a force of change and we applaud all of them for taking a stand.


To us, this is another inspirational story of women coming together to make sure that women working in the film and TV industry have a safe work environment.

Yara Shahidi

We only wish that we were as graceful and elequent as the young actress. She’s taking a stand on so many things and above all remained a feminist that we can admire.

The star of Black-ish and now Grown-ish, is an icon. This past weekend she interviewed Hillary Rodham Clinton and wasn’t afraid of the questions, but rather we thought she was empowered by the answers.

Yara is a voice of the generation and a positive one at that. We can all learn a lot from her courage and activism.

Hilary Rodham Clinton

The climate in America is a scary place. It’s one where we live in fear everyday of what the hell the President is going to do.

But we know that we have one very strong, powerful, and inspirational woman that will never give up on America or it’s citizens. Hilary has been through the ringer and she was cheated out of the presidency.

But the thing is she got right back up and dusted herself off. She isn’t afraid to speak up, she isn’t afraid to take on the people in Washington, and she isn’t afraid to not give up.

If we all had an ounce of courage that she has, the world would be a better place.

Lauren Duca

If you didn’t read Teen Vogue this year, you are missing out. Part of that reason? Lauren Duca, who made us take a second look at what many misconceived as a magazine that you couldn’t learn anything but fashion and makeup tips from, and she taught us all exactly what gaslighting was.

Lauren Duca taught us that no matter what you write about, you are entitled to your voice, you are entitled to use it, and no matter your age you are allowed to have an opinion.

Lauren gave a voice to the Teen Vogue reader and changed the way that we would look at ourselves and our writing forever.

Italia Ricci

If you want to talk inspiration, she’s one of our biggest. We’ve followed her since Chasing Life and have effectively loved every role she’s ever been in. But what make her an inspiration to us?

Well that would be that the busy actress devotes her time to helping people and raising money for cancer. She spends her time giving back to the people that need it the most.

The actress is blunt and makes you feel like you are always getting a look inside her life when you follow her on social media. She loves her job, sure – but you can tell that her love for family, friends, and hey – even pizza is important. She’s not a celebrity caught in being a celebrity, but a human  with a public job.

Carina MacKenzie

If you aren’t following Carina on Twitter, you are missing out. She’s a writer for The Originals and is an executive producer on the upcoming reboot of Rosewell.

The woman knows nothing but hard work. She’s an inspiration to any of us that if you have a dream and you follow it there is nothing that you can’t do.

But what inspires us daily about Carina is that she doesn’t back down, she tells it like it is, and yet she will take the time to inspire anyone. She wants to be a force of change and no matter what – she shows that. The writer is sharp and witty, but better than that – she’s always truthful.

Speak your truth. Be a force for change. You inspire us.

Bethany Frankel

When the people of Puerto Rico needed help and our government failed to rise to the task of being there, Bethany Frankel jumped right in. She cut through the red tape and made sure that she was there, delivering what was needed as quickly as she could get it there.

She called on her friends. She called in favors. She got on a plane and showed up.

And she inspired us. She didn’t have to wait for the red tape, she instead cut the fuck through it.

There are many more stories that we didn’t tell in this post, but these are the ones that touched us this year.

Which celebrity inspired you in 2017?

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