Celebrities Use Their Celebrity for Good in The #ItsOnUs Campaign

One has to appreciate when celebrities use their celebrity for good. Haim, Nina Dobrev, Josh Hutcherson and more have filmed a PSA for the White House’s #ItsOnUs campaign.

The video is simple but the message is loud and clear – sex without consent is rape.

Here’s the message of the video –

“There is one thing you can never have sex without. It’s not something you buy or something you take. In fact, there is only way to get it. It has to be given to you freely. It’s consent. Because sex without it isn’t sex. It’s rape. Consent. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. It’s on us to end to stop sexual assault. Learn how and take the pledge at itsonus.org”

Make sure to watch the video. This campaign is important.


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