Charles Michael Davis Promoted to Series Regular on ‘Younger’

We knew that we were going to miss Charles Michael Davis when The Originals ended, but we always figured that he would rebound somewhere. We just didn’t figure that it would be on another show that we love and not on The CW.

The actor has been moved up to a series regular on Younger.

Excuse us while we scream in excitement.

Look we know that Charles character, Zane Anders, was hired at Empirical last season, but that doesn’t mean that he would be featured in a lot of episodes. At least it didn’t to us. But now we know that we’re going to see a lot more of Charles and our fangirl hearts can’t take it.

Younger had tweeted a picture of the cast earlier in the week and we knew that meant we’d at least get some of Charles. But the idea of a lot more.

We’re about it.

While we’re waiting for Season 5, we’ll be looking forward to watching Charles when The Originals returns April 20th on The CW.


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