Chicago Fire: 5 Questions We Have Heading Into Season 5B


Our hearts have been seriously missing Chicago Fire over this winter hiatus. With a midseason finale that left us both satisfied and anxious for what lies ahead, we can hardly wait much longer for Fire’s return in less than a week. The second half of the season is already looking to be one with a lot of emotional implications on these characters and us as an audience.

So with plenty of time to ponder the upcoming back half of season five, we’ve been focusing specifically on certain storylines that we’re just dying to know about. From the implications of Louie’s birth father coming into the picture to Severide’s emotional crisis to newlywed drama, there’s been plenty to think about over hiatus. We’ve got all the questions and we’re hoping that Chicago Fire is ready to answer them.

Here are five questions we have about the second half of season 5:

1. What’s going to happen with Louie’s birth father?

Just when it appeared as if Dawson and Casey had gotten their happy ending when it came to adopting Louie, tragedy struck in the form of a really nasty cliffhanger when Louie’s birth father returned wanting his son back. What did we expect so early on in this season? So obviously this is one of the storylines that’s going to test these characters – as us – emotionally. While it’ll definitely be emotional for Dawson and Casey, as well as little Louie, we can’t help but wonder if it’ll also test the newlyweds’ relationship? But more on that below. When it comes down to it, Dawson and Casey haven’t officially adopted Louie yet. That was put into motion in the midseason finale right before Dawsey decided to tie the know to unite their family once and for all. So with Louie’s birth father back – and wanting Louie back – the question becomes: there’s no way Louie’s birth father wins, right? Given that Louie’s birth father seemingly abandoned him, that’s not something that the courts can look over. Then you have Gabby and Matt, who have fought for Louie’s best interests and with which there’s an obvious connection that has made Louie feel safe for perhaps the first time in his young life. While our hearts tell us that Louie will get his happy ending with Dawson and Casey, our minds tell us that Fire will make this as painful as possible before that happens.

2. What can we expect from Severide’s emotional arc moving forward?

One thing that we’ve learned watching Chicago Fire over the past five seasons is that Kelly Severide attracts emotional conflict. Severide has faced significant obstacles over these five years that have tested him but have also helped grow his character. In the midseason finale, Severide’s old 51 buddy Jeff approached him about being a bone marrow donor to a stranger because of the rarity of the circumstance. Eventually we saw Severide agree to be a donor, which has us wondering about what Chicago Fire has in store for Severide emotionally moving forward? We’ve gotten teases about his supposed “involvement” in a vehicular manslaughter case in the upcoming Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. crossover event (which we know he had nothing to do with. Or so we believe). But we’ve also got to wonder about what the implications of Severide donating this bone marrow to this woman will be? We can’t help but think an attachment will be formed and that there’s a real possibility that Severide will have to once again say goodbye to someone he cares about.

3. What can we expect from the newlyweds, Dawson and Casey?

While their union wasn’t an extravagant event, Dawson and Casey have finally tied the knot in what marked the beginning of their family (as it’ll help when it comes to adopting Louie). But we for one are glad that the wedding wasn’t a big to-do. It was an intimate ceremony that included the people closest to Dawson and Casey. Surely there’s time for a bigger wedding down the line, but we liked it exactly as it was. A big wedding doesn’t make for happiness. It’s the two individuals that make up the couple that do. So now that Dawson and Casey are (FINALLY) married, what can we expect from the couple in the back half of the season? Don’t let happy moments fool you, there are never truly happy endings on drama television until the series finale. So we’re anticipating some kind of drama being thrown at Dawsey as we wind down season five. But sometimes it’s watching these couples tackle the obstacles thrown their way – and how they handle the adversity and emerge the stronger for it – that makes the journey all the more worth it. So in other words, Bring it on.

4. Is there a Severide love triangle in the cards?

Speaking of Severide and drama – with his upcoming involvement in being a bone marrow donor to this Anna woman, who at present remains a stranger, and his track record with women, can we expect a love triangle with Severide, Stella, and Anna? With the teases about upcoming episodes, the answer seems to be a resounding “yes.” Severide and Stella have cooled down since the drama with Stella’s ex husband ignited some tension between Severide and Stella. But that doesn’t mean that things are necessarily done between the pair, whose spark has carried them into this new season. Surely Anna’s arrival will shake things up and force Severide to choose the direction he’d like to go in. But perhaps the most important question is: Will Severide finally find a woman to settle down with? Or will this forever answer whether or not Severide is destined to never settle down?

5. What does the future hold for Brett and Antonio?

No doubt one of our favorite new romances to come out of One Chicago this season has been the budding romance between Sylvie Brett and Antonio Dawson, aka Brettonio. While we’ve only gotten a small taste of the couple, we’re already smitten beyond belief. So of course we’re dying to know what lies in store for Brett and Antonio in the second half of season five. It’s no secret that Brett hasn’t had the best luck when it comes to romance (her arrival to Fire was due to a breakup and a couple in-house and in-city romances didn’t exactly pan out). But if there’s a relationship that we believe will work, it’s Brett and Antonio. It’s one of those romances that shocks you initially until you really see the couple thrive together. Then it becomes a romance you can’t live without. So, what can we expect from Brett and Antonio’s future? Given that it’s a cross-show romance it might be difficult to give it the full treatment we’d expect, but hopefully Chicago Fire and Chicago Justice can find a way to shed some focus on it. We hope to see a growth in their relationship as it goes from casual to hopefully serious. Antonio hasn’t had recent luck in romance either. So perhaps these two found each other at the right moment.

Chicago Fire returns Tuesday, Jan. 3 at a special time 9/8c on NBC.

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