Chicago Fire 5×09 Review: ‘Some Make It, Some Don’t’


If there’s anything we’ve learned watching Chicago Fire it’s that nothing comes easy. Everything that’s been attainable – and been attained – has been the product of a lot of trials and emotions. It’s been the perfect reflection of life as we know it, which is just one of the reasons why Chicago Fire has us by our hearts.

There were a couple of emotional storylines that captured us in “Some Make It, Some Don’t,” including the ramifications of Louie’s birth father showing up and Severide’s involvement in donating bone marrow to a stranger. Not to mention the shocking cliffhanger that sent this One Chicago crossover over to Intelligence prompting us to ask: Did Severide do it?

Let’s break this down:

Louie’s Birth Father Stirs Up Trouble

There’s nothing like the emergence of a birth father to throw a wrench into a family trying to make it a happy ever after kind of ending. And there’s nothing like this birth father to enrage this fan when he brings Dawson to tears because losing Louie isn’t even something she can fathom. It’s just not possible.

In the midseason finale, Dawson and Casey’s post-marital bliss was spoiled when a man claiming to be Louie’s birth father showed up on their doorstep wanting his son. Given everything that Louie’s been through, it was easy to be doubtful of this man – whether it was his ability to be a father to Louie or if he even was Louie’s birth father. But after a DNA test confirmed that this man was Louie’s birth father, there were certain concerns that were raised.

While we were eager to be doubtful of this man actually being Louie’s birth father, a DNA test confirmed our fears that he is in fact Louie’s father. Which obviously raised some concerns. The odds aren’t good. Usually the birth parents win out unless there’s been abuse. But since Louie has been bounced from foster home to foster home that’s evident. But even then the odds aren’t good.

For Dawson, imagining her life without Louie in it isn’t hard. It’s impossible. That’s love.

When Dawson talks with Brett about the situation, Brett brings up a good point when it comes to actually attempting to make things work with the birth dad. Brett was adopted and always wished her birth parents had tried to find her, to meet her. They never did. But they can change that with Louie. So Dawson sets up a meeting between her and Casey and the birth dad to hear him out. When the three meet, we learn that things are perhaps more complicated than we imagined. Turns out the birth dad didn’t know that Louie existed, which definitely makes things complicated now that we know he didn’t exactly abandon Louie.

While things are certainly complicated regarding the legality of it all, Dawson and Casey agree to let the birth father meet Louie. He has the right to meet his son. So they set it up through DCS. Initially it’s just Dawson and the DCS worker that will be there with Louie. Since Casey’s name wasn’t on the initial paperwork (things have since changed with him and Dawson getting married and them both filing for adoption). But Casey shows up anyways – because this isn’t something that affects just Dawson but him, as well. He cares about Louie. He wants to be his father. He deserves to be there. To be there for his wife and son. But the birth father doesn’t show up to the meet-up. Is that a sign that perhaps he’s changed his mind about wanting Louie? Was it nerves? Or was it something even more crushing to our poor hearts?

The possibility of losing Louie is so real that it physically hurts. Dawson and Casey have been through so much over the past seasons that you’d think they can get through anything. Hell, they’ve proved that. But even though I want to believe things will work out with the Louie situation, there’s a very real possibility that his birth father could get custody of him and that Dawson and Casey could lose him. While I’d like to think this is something that’ll last for a good several episodes before Dawsey finally adopt Louie once and for all, I’ll admit it has me worried. I don’t think I could stand to watch Dawson lose Louie.

Severide the Hero

There’s no doubt that Kelly Severide is a hero. As leader of Squad 3, he runs headfirst into danger and saves lives every day. But it was a different kind of hero that we’ve been introduced to in the midseason finale. After a visit from an old friend from 51, Severide agrees to be a bone marrow donor to a stranger (they are a rate match). This was the episode that we finally got to see the aftermath of that huge and amazing decision.

Maggie warned Severide of the potential for emotional attachment that could go wrong. (This was almost a forewarning of what’s to come, no doubt.) Sure, he’s a firefighter and he deals with saving and losing people. But this is different. Personal. Plus, a loss has never been easy on Severide.

While we admire Severide’s decision to do this, we couldn’t help but wonder: Why did he do it? And it’s actually Anna who asks him. Severide joked he gets to help someone and miss a little work. But he admits that he’s not always been proud of how he’s lived his life. But doing this – donating his bone marrow to save a stranger’s life – is something that he knows he’ll never regret. And I’ll be damned if that wasn’t amazing.

While it appears that things are going well, it doesn’t take long for things to turn ugly. Anna isn’t responding well to chemo so they had to pull her off, which means that they can’t prep her for a bone marrow transplant. Which means that there’s nothing they can do but let her body rest and basically pray for a miracle. And Severide doesn’t exactly respond to that news well.

A Love Triangle With Severide?

Severide is no stranger to relationships with women on this show. Most of his arcs involve love interests that he can’t keep. It’s part of his characterization where the audience – and even Severide – isn’t sure that he can ever do more than date a women; can he settle down for life?

Severide’s romantic life could be described as complicated at present. He was kinda-sorta dating Stella until her ex kind of put a wrench in things. They never really officially broke up, but they’ve been keeping their respective distance. But there’s no denying that there are still feelings there. But those feelings might be put to the test now that Severide looks to be developing feelings for Anna, the stranger at Chicago Med that he agreed to donate bone marrow to.

There was definitely a spark between Severide and Anna. There was an easiness to their instant rapport that didn’t hint, it screamed, that something is going to happen here.

“They did say we were the perfect match,” Anna said. Well, damn.

There have already been teases of a love triangle from the producers. You had Severide’s undeniable connection with Anna. But then Severide put down Stella’s name as his emergency contact with the procedure, which seemed to wake Stella up in a way. You could tell that she wants to work things out with Severide. But is he up for it now that this woman has come into his life? Bring on the love triangle.

Did Severide Do It?

Given the promotion we’ve seen for this episode, we all knew where this episode was headed. Severide, who is the middle of doing a really good thing for a stranger he might be developing feelings for, was about to face a hardship that would be felt over two separate shows.

At the end of the episode, the crew of Firehouse 51 is called to a scene of a hit and run, where a mother is hurt and her daughter is clinging to life. The car that hit them? A blue Mustang. Severide’s blue Mustang. Obviously the crew of 51 was shook. But the seed was planted. And we were about to watch it play out.

There weren’t any witnesses as to who was driving or what happened. So what the hell did happen?

When Voight and Lindsay show up to Severide’s apartment they find a disjointed Severide confused as to what happened. Was Severide involved in the hit and run? Alcohol bottles lying open. Severide passed out. A gash on his head. Things certainly look suspicious. So did he do it?

Which leads us into the Chicago P.D. hour of the crossover…

Five Things…

  1. The fear over Dawson and Casey losing Louie is very real. While I ultimately believe that Louie will end up with Dawson and Casey, there’s no denying that I’m legit fearful over those two losing him. Like it doesn’t look good right now. It’s those moments where you ask yourself: How the hell can they escape this?
  1. Poor freaking Gabby. First she has to deal with Louie’s birth father drama and then she gets hit in the head treating a patient. Gabby is no stranger to emotional trauma on this show, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch her suffer. Poor baby.
  2. I’ll never get over the epicness of Firehouse 51 antics. From Otis’ beer shower to Herrmann boasting about his YMCA Table Tennis Championship of 1983 to the intense ping pong showdown that followed, this show continues to thrive off the rapport of these firefighters.
  3. That awkward run-in between Severide and Lindsay was super cute. It’s a reminder that these two might share a history, but it’s not a history that was significant. They dated for like a minute. Lindsay is happy with Halstead and Severide is, well, in the middle of a new love triangle. But in the end, they’re friends.
  4. Severide couldn’t have done this. But I’ll be damned if the evidence didn’t make him look guilty as hell. His Mustang at the scene. Severide passed out on the couch. Alcohol and open bottles scattered in his apartment. A gash on his head. Disoriented. Things don’t look good.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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