‘Chicago Fire’: The ABC’s of Dawsey

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One Chicago’s most iconic ship, Chicago Fire’s Gabriella Dawson and Matthew Casey have stood the test of time. We’ve literally watched their relationship blossom from best friends, to boyfriend and girlfriend, to married couple. It’s been a long journey for these two and we love even more. Gabby and Matt show that love indeed conquers all.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Dawsey. We could go on forever about our love for this couple because the letters in the alphabet are just the tip of the iceberg for our favorite Chicago Fire couple.

A is for Always

No matter what happens, Gabby and Casey will always be there for each other. They’ve grown so much over five seasons of Chicago Fire proving they will always be there for each other. From moments of hardship like losing Louis to moment of pure happiness, Dawsey will always help each other and celebrate together.

B is for Brave

They have literally run into burning buildings for each other. If that isn’t the definition of brave, we don’t know what is. Gabby and Casey move heaven and earth to help those in danger. Whether it’s Casey saving a child from a burning building or Gabby running up flights of stairs to get to a patient as a paramedic. Dawsey is one of the bravest couples we know.

C is for Chicago

In every One Chicago series, the city itself acts as another character. Dawsey has explored the city of Chicago during every milestone of their relationship. The city even acted as a beautiful backdrop for their engagement. Gabby and Casey are Chicago.


D is for Devoted

Not matter the obstacles, Dawsey have always been devoted to each other. Even when they were just friends, their loyalty for each other never wavered. They are one of the most devoted couples on TV and will never not be there for each other.

E is for Effortless

Their love is effortless. Simple as that. The two of them just connect on another level and it shows in every episode. They took their time to get to the happily married couple we see in season five, but their love was effortless through and through.

F is for Firehouse 51

It’s a family at Firehouse 51 and every single person has been supportive of Gabby and Casey’s romance. From Hermann to Severide, they always are there to help this couple. Whether it’s when Gabby lost the baby or to attend their wedding, Firehouse 51 is Dawsey’s family.

G is for Generous

What makes this couple so great is they are always willing to put the other one first. Gabby let Casey work as an Alderman and Casey urges Gabby to pursue her dream of being a firefighter. Even when it pushed them further apart, Dawsey came together in the end.


H is for Husband and Wife

Chicago Fire’s 100th episode delivered something Dawsey fans have been waiting a lifetime for. Gabby and Casey finally found the right moment to get married and it was adorable. Surrounded by their Firehouse 51 family, Dawsey tied the knot, wearing their firefighter and paramedic uniforms respectively. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I is for I Love You

Before they even formally said it to each other, it was pretty obvious from day one that Gabby and Casey  would spend each day loving each other. Dawsey have continuously said “I love you” reassuring us that love can be found even if you have to wait a little while for it.

J is for Justice

Dawsey is always fighting for justice on the streets of Chicago. They always put the little man first and make sure everyone is getting treated fairly. This was especially the case when Casey was Alderman. He made sure the misfortunate were taken care of.

K is for Kindness

Two of the kindest souls on Chicago Fire, Dawsey constantly opens their arms for people in trouble. Whether it’s Gabby taking in Louis or Casey taking care of Severide after Shay died. What makes Dawsey better is that they try to pass off their kindness to everyone they meet.


L is for Louis

No matter what happens, Louis will always be Dawsey’s first child. They saved him, gave him a home and then did the bravest thing ever, gave him up. Louis brought Gabby and Casey closer together and ultimately led to them getting back together. Gabby will always be Louis Mom and Casey will always be his Dad. We miss our little Dawsey family. (And hope they start their own some day).

M is for Molly’s

An important spot in Chicago Fire, but also for Dawsey. Molly’s isn’t just a bar, it’s a place to hang out with friends and also where some of the biggest moments in Dawsey’s relationship have taken place. From Gabby telling Casey she’s pregnant to celebrating their engagement to Casey becoming Alderman. Molly’s will forever hold a special place in Dawsey’s relationship.

N is for Natural

From the minute they got together, Dawsey has been so natural. They fall into place and bring out the best in each other. It’s hard to imagine a time where they aren’t together because their relationship is natural and part of the very fabric of Chicago Fire.

O is for OTP

While there are numerous OTP’s in the One Chicago universe, Dawsey is the original. We watched their love blossom on screen as they embarked on a life together. The very definition of a “one true pairing.” While they have each dated others, they made it to each other and now there’s no question that they will spend the rest of their lives together.


P is for Passionate

Even with all the chaos that circulates around Firehouse 51, Dawsey always finds time to be passionate. They are sexy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and everything in between. Their love story brings a little more passion to Chicago Fire.

Q is for Quintessential

Gabby and Casey are the very definition of “quintessential.” They are the most perfect example of a couple that will do anything for each other. They even put their own lives on the line for each other. There is never any doubt about them as a couple and although they’ve gone through some rough patches, they always make their way back to each other.

R is for Resilience

Dawsey knows how to bounce back from a hard situation. They have had their ups and downs, but always grow from the situations they are put into. Gabby and Casey know that everything they go through will make them better people. They are resilient.

S is for Shay

Not only was Shay Gabby’s best friend, but she was the ultimate shipper of Dawsey. She pushed Gabby to follow her heart with Casey, which helped lead to this amazing relationship. Then, when Casey wanted to spend the rest of his life with Gabby, she helped pick out an engagement ring. Shay may not be here anymore (which I’m still upset about), but she remains and important part of Dawsey’s relationship.


T is for Trust

Gabby and Casey always trust each other. Even when the situation looks horrible, they trust that they will come out the other side stronger. Dawsey’s relationship works because they have trust in each other. Simple as that.

U is for United

Dawsey always presents a united front. Especially in their line of work, it’s important that they band together and work together. Not only in the firehouse, but also in their personal lives. These two stand beside each other as a united group.

V is for Valiant

Brave. Courageous. As a couple, Dawsey is the definition of “valiant.” Doing everything they can to assure a safe life for themselves and those around them, Gabby and Casey have valiantly stood beside Firehouse 51 in the best and worst times. They stare fear right in the eyes and never waver. Valiant to say the least.


W is for Worrisome

When your spouse runs into burning buildings for a living, it’s hard to not be worrisome. Especially at the end of season five when it looks like Casey didn’t make out of the building alive, Gabby is the very definition of heartbroken and worrisome. We hope Dawsey can pull through this because we can’t imagine a world without them together.

X is for X’s & O’s

Even while trying to protect Chicago, Dawsey finds time to give us some adorable hugs, kisses and everything beyond. Throwing in a steamy make out session from these two has never been a problem for Chicago Fire and we thank them every single day for it. I mean, just look how adorable these two are!

Y is for Youthful

Gabby and Casey’s relationship is always fun and youthful. They always make time to have fun and not take life too seriously. While they’ve been dating for a while, they’re still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and we love it.

Z is for Zealous

Passionate. Devout. Committed. Fierce. All these words describe Gabby and Casey’s relationship perfectly. We love them and can’t wait to see where they go and how their relationship grows for years to come.


Chicago Fire returns with brand-new episodes September 28th at 10/9c on NBC

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