Chicago Med: 5 Questions We Have Heading Into Season 2B

It’s been far too long since Chicago Med has last graced our television screens. But fret not because the show is set to return in just one week with a slate of episodes that’s sure to have has feeling all the feels. The midseason finale previewed some big changes coming our way, from April’s prognosis and little one on the way to teases about our favorite ships to new relationships to a surprising, tragic death that’s sure to ruin us all.

With this long hiatus (longer than others), we’ve had time to think about what awaits us come Jan. 5. There are several storylines we’ve been thinking about, from April’s future to Reese’s response after losing someone close to the big death that will leave us traumatized for life. We’ve got all the questions. Hopefully Chicago Med will give us the treatment.

Here are five questions we have about the second half of season 2:

1. What’s going to happen with April?

If anyone needed this hiatus it was April Sexton, who not only had to deal with the return of her TB but also found out that she’s pregnant. More than that, the medication that she needs to take to combat the TB could potentially harm her unborn child. There is so much that April has to deal with and so many factors contributing to each individual thing that this is the storyline that we’re perhaps the most nervous about (excluding the tragic death that’s forthcoming.) There’s no way that this thing ends entirely with a happily ever after. There’s just no way. So the question becomes: how is this all going to play out? What’s going to be the tragedy? Will April survive? Will April’s baby survive? Will we survive?

2. What’s the future of all the ships setting sail, currently sailing, and/or waiting in the wings?

I’ll be damned if Chicago Med didn’t take place on the high seas because there are plenty of ships a sailing. The midseason finale gave no qualms about hinting at all of the relationships we’ll be seeing when the show returns. From existing relationships (Sarah and Joey & Will and Nina & Natalie and Jeff) to new relationships (Connor and Robyn) to the tease of relationships that could’ve been, never were, and still could be (Will and Natalie), there will surely be no shortage of relationships come the new year. But of course we have to ask: which relationships are here to stay and which are fated to fizzle out? Well, we have our own thoughts on that (due to our shipping preferences), but it’ll no doubt be an intriguing aspect to keep an eye on.

3. How will Reese respond after Danny’s death?

If there’s one person on Chicago Med that I’d pay not to have to see cry it’s Sarah Reese. And following an arc where Reese befriended and stuck her neck out for a patient in need – only to learn that patient died – we all cried, too. That was brutal. But Dr. Charles was also right when he said it’s important not to get attached because then something like this happens. But then again, how do you not get attached? Your job involves saving lives and there’s no way you do that without some kind of attachment. Anyway, we’re curious to see how Sarah handles this loss moving forward. At the end of the midseason finale, Reese still appeared to be quite shaken by the tragedy. It’s obviously not something you move on from right away, but it’s no doubt going to be part of her arc heading into the second half of the season. We just hope our baby can emerge the stronger for it.

4. What can we expect to see with the relationship between Daddy Charles and Daughter Charles?

Perhaps one of the more under the radar new storylines on Chicago Med is Dr. Charles’ daughter Robyn coming to work at Med, which has brought forth what appears to be some serious family drama. What’s behind all of that drama? Well, we certainly appear to be preparing to explore that as Robyn looks to become a bigger part of Chicago Med, especially now that she’s dating Connor. We’re hoping that Med will take the time to really examine this father-daughter relationship. Why is it broken? What can they do to fix it? What are they going to do to fix it? There’s no drama like family drama. And there’s nothing more satisfying than fixing said drama.

5. Who’s going to die?

No doubt this is perhaps the biggest question heading into the second half of the season. And it’s a terrifying question to even think about. But per a spoiler from TV Guide, one of our beloved characters will meet a tragic end a couple of episodes before the season finale. Obviously we’re so not okay with this. But obviously we’re speculating who it might be and absolutely cannot be. (You can see that list here.) Sometimes it’s good to be forewarned of something, but this isn’t one of those times. It might cause us to be focused too much on who is going to die rather the present episode’s storyline. And for good reason. Given the extreme of the teaser – how this is going to significantly impact the victim’s colleagues, as well as provide an opening for someone to step into a new promotion – you can’t help but think that it’s going to be a big death. Well, if we’re learned anything from watching One Chicago, it’s that no one – including your favorites – are safe. And also that there’s always a big death in season two.


Chicago Med returns on Thursday, Jan. 5 at 10/9c on NBC.

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