Chris Hemsworth To Star As Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan. While a lot of us know him because of his sex tape, we all know that he was a wrestler. And personally, I would have been okay if that was all I ever knew. But like many things that I never wanted to know, I am going to be forced to learn more about The Hulk.


Well that would be because there is going to be a movie about him – which I could ignore. Except – Chris Hemsworth is attached to star as The Hulk. The biopic is said to center on the rise of Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, and his “Hulkamania” both in wrestling and as a pop culture icon.

Bollea is set to consult and executive produce.

Now, I like wrestling – you know when I am drunk and bored and only have to watch it through Total Bellas. But I have to admit, I will expand my wrestling watching into this movie.

Partly because I am intrigued to see Chris Hemsworth with bleach blonde hair and a bleached mustache and partly because I can’t wait to see him tear off his t-shirt.

The movie script is being Scott Silver, who also wrote Joker. The Hangover director Todd Phillips will direct.

Looks like The Hulk may be cool again – for a hot second.

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