Clarissa might not be long for this world #Reign


This is all complete speculation, but we might be losing someone else when Reign returns.

The synopsis of “Royal Blood” states that tragic results will happen when Mary, Bash and Catherine team up to save Francis’ younger brothers from Clarissa’s kidnapping.  Now, this can mean anything, but is there really a need for Clarissa anymore?

clarissaShe initially assisted Mary by thwarting all of Catherine’s plots against her.  She warned her about the wine.  She killed one of her friends in order to send Mary away from Catherine.  She even saved Mary from death by poisonous bubbles.  And now that Mary knows, without any doubt, that Catherine will not stop until her head is on a platter, Mary will (hopefully) stop putting herself in situations that will allow Catherine to bring her any harm – like calling for guards of she is bathing, or in bed with Francis (or Bash? Or both? What? A girl can dream).

And not only is Clarissa no longer needed to warn Mary about Catherine, but she is now just a reminder to Henry of Catherine’s betrayal.  With Richard dead and gone, Henry doesn’t have that constant reminder of Catherine’s infidelity, unless he becomes aware of Catherine’s living bastard.  If I know anything about Catherine, she would do anything to make her life a bit easier, and what’s a little more blood on her hands?  Especially if it saves her life and the life of her sons with Henry.

What do you think?  Will Clarissa be around for a while?  Or will the castle see another death in the next episode?

Reign returns on February 27th with “Royal Blood“.

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