‘Containment’ WonderCon Interview: Chris Wood


With The CW’s upcoming limited series event Containment, we’re introduced to a world that feels both fictional and realistic in the most relevant of ways. The series follows an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta, which leaves most of the city quarantined and those left inside fighting to stay alive. But at its core, Containment is a story about love, struggle, humanity, and rising in the face of adversity.

We chatted with Containment star Chris Wood at WonderCon, where he discussed his role as officer Jake Riley (who finds himself one of those stuck on the inside), finding love in the apocalypse, and the shocking realism that comes with this show.

“We watch the show and think, ‘This doesn’t happen here. This can’t happen. This won’t happen,'” Wood said. “We think that until it does. With any catastrophe — be it this massive evil terrorism we’re facing right now — it’s the moments before that we say, ‘Not here.’ That’s what these people face with this virus.”

At the root of humanity it all comes back to love. Whether that’s familial love or romantic love, it’s what keeps us fighting to live. Wood’s character Jake Riley is someone that finds love in the apocalypse with a school teacher and single mother, Katie Frank.

“That’s an interesting thing,” Wood said. “I guess sometimes romance hits us in a moment that’s less than perfect or maybe when we’re not looking. It’s definitely sort of a shocking setting for a romance to have, but I feel like it’s also the kind of thing that happens in real life. When you run into the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it’s complicated.”

Wood described his character as someone that appears hardened on the outside, but on the inside he’s more caring than he’d like everyone to know. He also noted that his relationship with love interest Katie has helped open that part of himself up again.

“Even though he’s hardened, even though he’s closed off, he wants to be this tough guy just a little less caring,” Wood said. “He’s got this teddy bear thing inside of him; he’s actually quite warm. Whatever he’s gone through in his life has shut that part of him off. He feels it open with [Katie] a little bit even in the first episode we see it come through. He’s a little softer with this woman for some reason.”

Watch our full interview with Wood below, where he discussed preparation for his role as a police officer in this apocalyptic world and how he thinks he would’ve reacted in this situation that our characters of Containment find themselves in.

Containment premieres Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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