‘Containment’ WonderCon Interview: George Young

Nothing sucks more than being the bearer of bad news during an epidemic. That’s the case with Dr. Victor Cannerts on the new limited series Containment. He’s given the hard task of working with Dr. Sabine Lommers, the lead CDC contact, while being stuck inside the quarantine zone.

We chatted with Containment star George Young at WonderCon where he discussed being the point of contact for people that are looking for answers and keeping calm in the face of all this pressure. Controlling the chaos, that results from the unknown virus, is going to be something this character faces day in and day out.

It’s not about being a hero for Dr. Cannerts, “It’s just doing my job, as much as I can. And I know people are looking to me (for answers.) What does this mean? What’s going on? Why is it happening so quickly, this virus?” And he’s scared. Inside, he wants to say ‘I don’t know’ and throw his hands up in the air! Unfortunately he can’t afford a luxury like that. He’s got to put a brave face on and push through the doubt to help as much as he can.

When asked about his relationship with Dr. Sabine Lommers, he was adamant that Dr. Cannerts will be relaying information to the outside. The details that he can provide always come first. “I always try and disseminate information to Claudia Black’s character (Dr. Lommers). It’s a question of: when times like this, when everything hits the fan, you gotta sorta try and get some protocol. Try and have a structure. People to listen to. People to take orders from.”

It’s an unpredictable show, where characters like Dr. Cannerts will have to face the pandemonium of humanity clashing with the medical side (which is trying to solve this outbreak.) And despite the serious nature of Containment, George was upbeat and excited in this interview for the challenges his character will face. After this, we want him to survive!

Watch our full interview with Containment star George Young below, where he discusses keeping calm in the face of uncertainty and stepping up to the plate:

Containment premieres Tuesday, April 19 @ 9/8c on The CW.

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