A Conversation with Pop Music Newcomer Matt LeGrand


Matt Legrand has been playing music ever since he can remember. Being born in France and later moving to Chicago, the pop newcomer has come from many experiences and that is showcased well in his music. Since being in Chicago, Legrand found himself exploring a different genre every night, and has been diving headfirst into the creation of his own sound ever since.

In 2015, Legrand released his debut single “Spring Break Girl,” which solidified him as a One to Watch on the Chicago scene, and is now a rising star in the pop world. He’s grabbed the attention of many tastemakers in the video, including MTVU, who has played him on continuous rotation.

Legrand latest single “All Good” was released in July of 2017 and garnered praise from several critics including HuffPost, AXS, Celeb Mix and more. And now, to celebrate the holidays, the rising pop star has released a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means To Me”. We had the opportunity to chat with Legrand about his sound, Christmas traditions and much more. Check out the interview below:

FANGIRLISH: For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe your sound? What about your music makes you, you? 



Matt Legrand: First of all thank you for having me. I don’t really like to describe my own sound because then I feel like I’m boxing my potential. I’m working really hard on developing my own sound that I’m really proud of! I hope to show my own music really soon. My biggest musical influences are Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. What makes my sound me is me.

FANGIRLISH: What was the writing process like for your song “All Good?” How does this song relate to your life right now? How do you think this song differs from “Spring Break Girl”? 

ML: “All Good” was made by a great team in Atlanta, GA. I didn’t write the song but I did connect with it instantly. I like to think that the song found me because it came at a time in my life when everything the song was saying just made complete sense. I’m very serious about my mental and physical health and this song is about taking care of that. That is why I connected with it. I personally think that it is a night and day difference. The meaning of the song is more mature. It actually has substance and it holds something that people can take to better themselves. I am proud of how far I have come so far. I think the growth is easy to see and I plan on continuing my development!

FANGIRLISH: What has the response been like to the song? 

ML:  The love that we have received has been nothing short of spectacular! We are absolutely shocked that we are attracting all of these blogs and magazines such as HuffPost, CelebMix, Teenplicity, and YOU! We can’t thank you guys enough because it is very important for our project. And my fans who keep on sharing and following what I have to show the world! Coming up to 50,000 views on All Good!

FANGIRLISH: Following “All Good” is the Christmas song you just released. What inspired you to cover Stevie Wonder and what about this song do you love the most? 

ML: Yes!! I grew up listening to this song in movies and it just felt right to do it. I watched Stevie perform this song so many times on YouTube leading up to recording it. The energy that he brought was very infectious. I wanted to have the opportunity to bring that same energy with my own twist. My favorite thing about this song is the title “What Christmas Means To Me.” I looked at it as a question and I answered it. Being in the moment with your loved ones and creating memories that you can share forever. I hope to inspire everybody to formulate their own answers!

FANGIRLISH: What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? Do you have any music Christmas traditions? 

ML: Some of my favorite things to do are ice skate, go to Christmas markets, make Mexican hot chocolate, bake cookies, and be with friends. I like to bring my acoustic guitar and sing with my family!

FANGIRLISH: What’s coming up next for you in December? What can we expect from you in 2018?

ML: I’m going to continue to develop myself personally and as an artist. My team and I have a real feeling about this year. It’s going to be life-changing and special. We’re coming right out of the gate with a single at the top of the year as well! Most importantly I hope to keep putting out positive energy and give the world a little more peace and love. Thank you “Fangirlish” and thank you to whoever tuned into this interview!


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