Cute Overload: Freddie Tomlinson’s Cutest Moments


Since his birth on January 21, 2016, Freddie Reign Tomlinson has quickly become one of the most sought after little bundles in the world. With his father being one fourth of One Direction (that would be Louis Tomlinson, for those of you trapped under a rock for the last while), the attention this little tot garners makes our heads spin. Even just a glimpse of his tiny feet send the Twitterverse into a frenzy, and in our opinion, rightly so. He’s quite the handsome little lad, much like his proud Papa.


However, for some unfathomable reason, some media outlets have taken to showing a more less than supportive stance regarding the little one. Some of which whom, in this writers opinion, should know better than to burn their bridges to one of music’s most powerful. A rather foolish, and possibly costly mistake…but time will tell.


In light of the recent epic face palm of certain media forces, we’ve decided to take a look back on the short, but oh so awww inducing life of little Freddie, courtesy of the Instagram photos of his proud parents!


Let’s start off with the first, and most swoon worthy of the bunch. Posted by Louis days after the little lad was born, this was our first real glimpse of Tommo in fatherhood. And I gotta say, it looks rather good on him!

2016-04-07 23.09.49

Around the same time came the first photo from his proud Mama, the lovely Briana. A photo which is so beautifully personal, of some of her first moments with her newborn son, it made many of us sigh with a smile. The peaceful little face of the new Tomlinson, his loving mum kissing his tiny cheek, is still one of this writers fav moments so far!

2016-04-07 23.10.13

As if his debut photo of fatherhood wasn’t enough to send the Louis girls of the fandom in to a tailspin, his follow up was sure to finish off those left standing. The newborn in a blanket; Louis without a shirt, staring down at the little lad…really, what more could we ask for?

2016-04-07 23.09.27

As with any new mum, those quiet moments with your new little one are ones you want to commemorate. And of course, what better way to do so now days than with a selfie? With Freddie snoozing on her chest, Briana gives us a little glimpse of the adorable little tot, while simultaneously looking rather stunning. I sigh with jealousy, I admit.

2016-04-07 23.11.09

Much like the previous photo of her with Freddie, Briana treats us to a similar shot, of a little mummy and me cuddle time. Sporting new, lovely brown hair, the new mum’s love for the newest Tomlinson cant be denied.

2016-04-07 23.11.33

And finally, in response to the aforementioned faux pas of a certain media giant, the sass master himself gives a subtle, but effective rebuttal against their claims. No caption needed beyond a footie ball, and the cuteness that is Freddie himself.

2016-04-07 23.08.49

The little one may only be a few months old, but he has already stolen the hearts of millions around the world. An innocent, happy baby, whose parents clearly adore him, and has the backing of one of the strongest fandoms in the world…I dare say little Freddie Reign will be one to continue to watch as he grows.


Well done Louis and Briana, you made quite the cute little lad!

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