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Dawn Olivieri Set For Recurring Role on ‘SEAL Team’

Dawn Olivieri Set For Recurring Role on ‘SEAL Team’

Look, I will be the first to admit that I am always intrigued by casting, because I love what stories can happen. I love the guessing game. But this casting…

Well I am not thrilled about any of this.

House of Lies alum Dawn Olivieri has been cast as an independent contractor that Jason meets during deployment. There is supposedly a spark between them.

She got to go.

The thing about SEAL TEAM is that it has me emotionally invested in all of these characters, but the couple that I am invested in even more, is Jason and Alana.

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I totally know that she had said, “I’m the love of your life – but I don’t think I should be your wife anymore.” But like, I believe that she still loves him. I believe they’d find their way back to each other.

Again, she gotta go.

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