Supernatural: Death By Internet – Halt & Catch Fire

“Let’s destroy the internet.” Those four words would literally kill every single fangirl in the entire world, and when Dean Winchester utters them… there’s a certain part in each girl that seriously wants to hurt the poor boy. That quote was stolen from the promo of this week’s episode “Halt & Catch Fire,” and  can’t wait to watch this.

The episode begins with presumably a couple driving down a road trying to find their way to a Taco-ria. He’s talking to Supernatural’s version of Siri who leads him to a dead end… literally. She makes the girlfriend get out of the truck and drives the man off the edge of the bridge they had stopped at. Seriously, Supernatural? You’re as bad as Doctor Who! All you want to do is bend reality and make me question everything! (Don’t stop, I secretly love it.)
Dean opens his scene eating a ‘crust-ookie’ which is a mixture of a cookie and something else. Dean doesn’t care, it’s delicious. Sam talks about how Castiel has almost found Cain ad Dean says that they should just go on the case that he found because he’s tired of dealing with the Mark right now.  The boys suit up and talk to Janet, who was kicked out f the car before her boyfriend was murdered. Dean doesn’t understand the internet, Janet doesn’t understand Dean’s references, same old, same old.

The boys find the crashed truck, and salt and burn it after checking the EMF and finding ectoplasm.  Two girls are in their college dorm, talking in the most annoying tone of voices they possibly could – #StereotypicalStudents. One of them walks out of the room to study and the other begins taking selfies, she gets a friend request over Facebook and messages the person asking who they are. After a few back and forth messages, the girl gets a message saying ‘810’. She goes into panic mode and tries shutting her computer off. The number continues reappearing, and she is eventually strangled by her laptop cord – #DeathCameQuickly.

Sam and Dean go into the crime scene, talking to a female detective. She has the passwords for the Death By Selfie girl, and Sam checks the EMF around the girl’s laptop. The EMF goes wild, for obvious reasons.  The boys are talking to her roommate, and Dean finds out that there’s a frat house with the initials STD – which he finds incredibly amusing. They ask her for more information, she doesn’t give much.  The boys go into the school cafeteria, Dean finds all kinds of food, which he’s extremely happy about. Sam teaches Dean about the dangers if the internet – Dean, sweetie, what have you been posting?

Sam and Dean check out all the addresses in the city that have 810, and find out that the message about 810 was sent from a third graders instamessage. They see a woman walking out of her house with flowers. They follow her and find out that her husband died a while ago, and she doesn’t know who left the flowers – she thinks it’s a girl at the college.  Sam finds out that the man that died was a teacher. He was cremated as he was burned in his truck. Dean’s eating taquitos – a full tray of them… dang, that boy can eat!

The Death By Strangulation roommate is panicking about the two deaths to a guy. Apparently her and some other guy did something that they need to keep it a secret. The girl walks out of the room after he threatens her, and he gets a message from a sexting app. There’s a girl that wants to hook up, he definitely does. He’s go music playing that progressively gets louder, not by his own force. The screaming in the music becomes louder, and the guy starts bleeding from the nose, eyes, ears and really any other opening on his face. He collapses on the floor dead after the windows in his apartment shatter. Oh jeez, this spirit really takes no prisoners.

Sam asks the roommate if she’s okay, she admits that she’s not. She’s crying pretty hard, Dean walks in and announces the boys death. Delilah says that she’s next with the spirit’s kill streak.  Flashback to a car accident that crashes into a telephone pole. The electrical wires of the pole fly onto the car and all the occupants of the car scream – the four car members are the three deaths of the episode, and the roommate Delilah. In the car, they wouldn’t allow anyone to call the cops because of the fact that they killed a man who lived at the address 810. The put a salt ring around Delilah, and Sam goes to figure out what the spirit is tied to. Dean pulls out a crowbar and starts talking to Delilah, she says that she’s used to being up late and reveals that she thinks about the guy named Andrew all the time.

“It’s pretty crazy to obsess over someone you’ve never met,” Delilah recalls. Oh, sweetie. You know you’re pretty much describing everyone on this website, right? Dean says he can relate, and deals so with whiskey and denial. Sad music plays, small tears well up in each Dean-girl’s eyes, whimpers escaping their lips.  Sam calls Dean and says that the spirit is travelling through Wi-Fi, because Andrew was electrocuted by a wire that feeds into a Wi-Fi tower. Dean wants to kill the internet – probably to get rid of whatever dirty things our boy stuck up on the interweb to begin with. The lights flicker in the room, and Andrew is seen on Delilah’s computer screen. DEAN, KILL IT. KILL IT WITHOUT KILLING THE INTERNET. THE INTERNET IS WONDERFUL, FIND A DIFFERENT WAY.

Needless to say… Dean smashes every single electronic device in that room with the crowbar he had. Sam knocks on the woman who had the flowers door, and she seems to know that he’s there about her husband. Dean and Delilah go down to the basement – #CauseTheReceptionSucksDownThere.  Sam and the woman are talking, she says that Andrew started talking to her online. She thought it was a cruel joke at first, but it just so happened that it really was Andrew talking to her. She loved it, because she had her husband  back. Until he started acting funny, talking about revenge. The woman could tell that it was Andrew killing off the students, but didn’t want to accept the fact that it actually was him. She didn’t want to stop him for fear of losing him again.

Dean tells Delilah to stay calm. A vibrating sounds, Dean frantically tries to find the source of it. As soon as he finds the phone, Andrew shows up and tries to strangle Delilah. Dean swipes him with the crowbar and he disappears, and begins monologuing about peace and pain, trying to convince Andrew to move on. Andrew strangles Dean instead, but Dean facetimed Sam to make his wife talk to him. Dean’s still choking while she talks, and she wants him to let go of his need for vengeance. She asks him to let go for them, and Andrew disappears after she utters her goodbye. Dean takes shaky breaths, Delilah looks like she just pooped herself – which she probably did.

Dean pulls up to the place that Andrew was killed, Delilah in the backseat of the Impala. Delilah gets out and knocks on the door, talking to the widow. She invites Delilah in, and Sam and Dean talk about peace again. Dean says his peace is helping people and working cases, he’s done trying to find a cure for the Mark. He’s basically given up, because there’s so many ‘maybe’ factors to the Mark. He says that the Mark is his problem, he wants to know where he stands and doesn’t want to be filled with false hope that everything will be okay. When it all ends, he’s going down swinging.

And the credits roll.

I swear… this show with actually make me cry – again – if they keep it up with the sad chick-flick brotherly moments that pull my heart’s strings to their limits. Just… asdfghjkl… I don’t have any words for this episode. It was wonderful, heartfelt at times, and made me fall in love even more, if possible, with Dean Winchester. He’s such a misunderstood puppy dog.


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