Deckerstar: The Love Story I Didn’t See Coming


If there was ever a story I would throw everything I own behind, it would be this one – slightly ironic given it’s about the Devil coming to LA for retirement purposes, but there’s really no denying it. 

Lucifer (and Deckerstar) have got me hooked.

I went into watching this show merely looking for something to easily binge. The show was halfway through the first season then, and I had my reservations about whether I would like it, but I’d heard it was pretty entertaining, so I decided to give it a chance.

The reservations were my own fault – never judge a show based solely on promos. Trust me.

After a weekend spent catching up, I was quickly hooked by the characters, and especially by the off beat premise that had more imagination, creativity and just flat out heart than I’ve seen in a television show in a long time.

Kudos to the writers. Really.

Now, after everything I’ve seen from the minds behind it, I’ll never again underestimate these writers ability to take all the normal tropes that they could easily go for (ones I’ve seen more than once, in many, many television shows), and subvert them. 

Brilliantly, I might add.

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They don’t have time for love triangles, or dragged out plots that make you roll your eyes because you’ve seen a variation of it on shows with a procedural set up.  They’re here to do something different, and it begins where it always should, with a story – the people they’ve created for us to relate to, laugh at and care about as if they were real. 

And thatright there, is where I believe the heart of Lucifer lies: in how wonderfully they’ve developed their characters  – especially the relationship between their leads Lucifer Morningstar and his partner in crime (solving!) Chloe Decker. 

When it came to these two, they decided to make them reluctant (on her side, at least) partners, and build their relationship from the ground up in a quick, and yet somehow natural pace. The journey that started as tentative partners and then evolved into trusted comrades in arms and then close friendship has only become more intimate as they have grown to know one another. 

It was – it is mesmerizing how seamlessly everything wove together from the moment they met, to when Lucifer proudly declared himself a civilian consultant and Chloe’s agreement at being her partner,  and, of course, my favorite moment of the first season, when they played heart and soul on the piano – as Chloe thought he could “use a friend.” (And really, how adorable aka heart-melting was it to see them play together?)

Lucifer can be a constant five-year old, in contrast to Chloe’s serious demeanor but their common passion for hunting down those who deserve “punishment” is what connected them from the start. (Lauren German’s and Tom Ellis’s chemistry hasn’t hurt either, I mean WHOA). It’s truly been (and will continue to be, I have no doubt) a hilarious, nail-biting at times and altogether heartwarming joyride that I never want to get off. 

Given how unabashedly real both these characters are, and the regard in which the writers hold both of them, take care of them, and, really, how the entire cast creates an amazing experience I don’t even know why I’m surprised that this show keeps upping the ante each and every week. 

Literally for the past several episodes I’ve kept thinking – this episode was fantastic it couldn’t possibly be topped,  and I’ve never been so happy to been proven wrong for several Mondays in a row. I’ll happily admit most episodes gave way to me letting out a lot of yelling, squealing and/or crying, sometimes simultaneously (it’s possible I swear, ask anyone) but I’m a fangirl and a shipper, and  I’m not afraid to say it loud and proud! 

Truth be told, I was one of many people who yelled “COME ON” at the cliffhanger of Quid Pro Ho (cause I mean how can you leave off at this point?!) 

Nonetheless, while I know there are spoilers hanging about everything I’ve heard has only increased my excitement on what’s to come for these two in the latter half of season two and (crosses fingers) beyond! 

How about you Lucifans? Are you excited to see more of the romance *cough love story cough* (yes it’s a romance/love story I will declare that in writing) between Lucifer and Chloe?  

I know I am.

Lucifer returns January 16th 9/8c on Fox.   

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