Deckerstar: The Love Story Between the Devil & the Detective


Stories have always had a life of their own, and the ones that most people tend to be drawn to are the ones where love is portrayed as real as it can get in a fictional universe. Ah, amore, it’s a wonderful feeling, a wonderful choice and a wonderful story to witness. One of my favorites I need to gush about, (that is still being told, thank Dad) is the one we all smile & get excited about: Chloe Decker & Lucifer Morningstar.

I’ve had my fair share of OTPS over the years – Bones/Booth, Captain Swan etc- but I’ve never had a couple catch me in the way Chloe & Lucifer did. From the start it was rooted in what could have been constant cliches, but was allowed to be fleshed out & complex as romance often is. I’ll admit starting out I didn’t expect to fall in love with these two, but truthfully & I will argue this on the internet till the day I die – this has been one of the best OTPS I’ve seen onscreen in a long time. One of the pitfalls that’s become all too common in the entertainment world is the need to continuously draw out the “will they won’t they” aspect of a relationship. In real life, the kind of obstacles we encounter in romantic journeys aren’t often a lack of declaring what we feel for months or years on end. It’s the stumbles we create in trying to figure it out with someone we might have never anticipated liking (or loving) and how it changes from there.

Chloe & Lucifer, on the surface, are as different as two people can seem to be.She’s serious, focused, and deeply sincere while he’s seemingly (aka mostly) shallow, and a shameless flirt who loves to party. Yet despite everything, they connected over the common drive to seek punishment – ahem, justice, for those who’ve lost their lives. The cherry on top was the supernatural element – Chloe was the first woman Lucifer had ever met that was immune to his “charms.’ Only the Devil would find it fascinating that an attractive, badass lady finds him repulsive – oh the Pilot memories.

Nonetheless, as their relationship grew from a casual I’ll put up with you tagging along into a real partnership, it was clear the writers weren’t going to play by the normal rules of TV romance.

Friendship was the foundation long before true romantic feelings came into play, and I loved that this was explored first without any indication it “had” to turn romantic.

If there’s a scene that cemented these two on me for life it’s Heart & Soul on the piano in “A Priest Walks Into a Bar.” Chloe came to see him just to be there when she sensed he needed someone – and in that moment you knew these two were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Which is remarkable, taking their character’s into account. Chloe is the type of person I would instantly want to be friends with, and Lucifer I’d eternally roll my eyes at, never imagining they’d get close – yet that’s the beauty of storytelling. Both of them could be real people I’d talk to on the phone, and not just exist in television. It’s the miracle, or really hard work of talented writers, to stand by episode after episode that romance doesn’t have to be defined by the “what if,” but the natural interruptions that can happen in life. Granted the supernatural aspect leaves a few things to the imagination, but I could have cared less when Lucifer was lying bleeding on the floor in the first season finale asking God/Dad to protect Chloe in trade for doing what He wants.

It was a surprising and yet not surprising choice in equal measure. Even before romance began to truly come out in their story, the choice to put one before the other was already there. Chloe demonstrated the same when she refused to put her father’s killer in jail at the expense of Lucifer.

Moving through the second season brought even greater challenges, from the reveal of why Chloe is immune to Lucifer’s abilities to Mom’s interference – and their own struggles that came with it all. Every single insane & crazy conflict that came down did, but at the end of the day, their understanding of each other withstood it all. Outside events tested their bond, but it didn’t tear it apart because they were always given the choice to not give up on the other.

Love is often portrayed as being a powerful force that to generate conflict, you need to forcefully pull couples apart or put them in a place where their choice is taken away. I will never stop being thankful that is not the case with Lucifer and Chloe. You don’t need countless seasons to organically build a relationship and love, you just need honesty – and that God bless is the one thing they have always had (supernatural “secret” notwithstanding, come on now haha.)

Words can’t always capture the beauty of it all, and as much as I stand by every single word I’ve written here, there’s one song I always come back to for an avalanche of Deckerstar feels. “All Again” by Ella Henderson is hauntingly beautiful, but the following verse opens up the honesty of Chloe Decker & Lucifer Morningstar.

“I am falling, and I’m too weak to fly. Now my heart’s wide open, and you’re the reason why. I’ve been broken from the scars that I forgave, spent a long time running from the mess we made.”

It may be the most blatant irony, but I’ve never thought angel wings were needed for Lucifer and Chloe to fly. Lucifer’s choice to tell her the truth was derailed by his actual wings, yet I ask don’t let this shake your faith Deckerstar fans. Season 3 will bring a whole new well of conflicts (cough Tom Welling cough), however the Lucifer writers have built up something I have not experienced from a team of TV writers in a long time: trust.  I trust these writers to do what they’ve done all along – tell their story *right.* Without over the top conflict, eye rolling drama for the sake of it or a never ending will they won’t they to boot.

So buckle up famous TV OTPS, Lucifer and Chloe are here and ready to be epic as angels. :)

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