‘The Defenders’ 1×02 Review: Not Pulling Any Punches

If you were able to many of you have already streamed all 8 episodes of this first season of The Defenders. I wasn’t able to right off the hop. But trust me this series grabs you by the metaphorical or not-so-metaphorical balls and does not let go. Again as I’ve stated before this review includes spoilers for this episode, so if you have not watched already do not continue on. Mean Right Hook is definitely the right name for this episode, because it’s not pulling any punches on the action or the story line.


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One thing I’ve noticed about these series and especially The Defenders does it well; you can streaming themcontinuously and it flows well but if you can’t watch it back to back it still makes sense too. There’s just enough of an overlap to remind you where in the pace of the story we are.

Our heroes all seem to struggle with their real life versus their crime fighting life in this episode. Whether it’s Foggy calling Matt out on his shit or Connie calling Danny out on his isolation. Claire calling Luke out on his attempts to crime fight. Or Trish calling Jessica out on disappearing into her case again. It’s an easy way to draw parallels between them all. It also helps to continue fleshing out the relationships they all have in their separate series.

Something I really enjoy about this series and all the ones leading up to it, is how real they build the relationships between characters. How if it wasn’t for all the crazy Marvelness going on I could picture these people actually being in New York going about their days. Some times when you watch a movie or show set in this type of fantasy world the every day grind of the people gets lost. I like that this hasn’t been lost in the grey so to speak. Little things like Jessica actually going down to the records office to search through all those files. She gets to show off her private eye chops and we get to see her doing what she does best (other than kicking ass obviously).

Getting the return of Foggy and Matt at Josie’s was perfection. These two actors play so well off of each other. They have perfect BROTP chemistry for sure. For example Foggy’s not so humble brag about his sex life before immediately inquiring about Matt’s. You can feel the concern from Foggy but Matt’s just nope-ing out of all of it. That is until Jessica Jones comes across his desk.

This episode is such a roller coaster ride for Jessica. It highlights Krysten’s amazing acting skills to see her letting Jess’ vulnerable side through. She generally wants to help people just to help them. And more often than not it blows up in her face. She’s great at hiding behind the wall, even getting a kick out of her two very large NYPD case files. But even she canadmit that she tried and failed to help the architect.


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The fight scene between Danny and Luke is so well shot and scored I can’t say enough about it. They both so unsure about the other. It shows how sheltered Danny was growing up and how jaded Luke has become to the whole super power thing. He’s pretty comfortable knowing there’s others like him. But the eye roll Mike Coulter adds to Luke’s character at Danny’s slaps just adds so much to the dynamic of the two characters.

By the end of the end of the episode Jessica has met Matt and Luke and Danny have kicked the crap out of each other. All in all this episode was well done from start to finish. I’ve watched it three times and still find little Easter Eggs (like all Marvel properties) hidden throughout.

What do you think of the series so far? Who’s your favourite Defender?

Check out Season 1 of The Defenders streaming on Netflix now. If you missed our episode 1 review, read it here. 

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