‘The Defenders’ 1×03 Review: Hallways Be Damned!

Here we are again with another crazy ride on this damned train that is The Defenders. As I’ve told you all before stop here or suffer the spoiler consequences. This episode will go down as the episode where the gangs all together and they have their first fight seen. Proving that they just kick maximum ass together.

The beginning of this episode dives more into Alexandra and Elektra’s story. I’m happy that they showed her actually coming back and not just “ta-da!” and here’s the woman we all watched die, suddenly walking the street of New York. Can I just say I loved Elodie’s (Elektra) acting in Daredevil Season 2 boat loads, but this episode is like the titanic compared to a dingy. She walks the fine line between this delicate flower who is so confused to straight up bad ass to a tee. If you didn’t fangirl a little bit when she stopped in front of the Sai, I won’t judge you I’ll just feel like I’m a huge dork. This little section did a good job of showing her progressing without making it a cheesy training montage. Nothing wrong with training montage’s but lets allow the Karate Kid to keep that one on lock.

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I love how Stick can just be a sarcastic little shit and not care. And Alexandra being her elegant, unflappable self while still wielding that blade is hardcore. But not as hardcore as Stick cutting of his own hand to escape. Or us having to get that shot of it laying on the ground, nightmare city.

The little bit of Jessica and Matt of the top of the episode was on point. She was sitting there the whole time trying to figure out Matt’s angle, and Matt spent the whole time just trying to be nice guy lawyer. But of course he can’t help but eavesdrop and try to see where she’s supposed to fit into this whole story.

The scene with Luke and Claire in the kitchen was the cute domestic fluff I wanted for them, and I want more. Her reaction to him being punched was to roll her eyes and call Danny, Claire to the rescue. But Luke being all sceptical of Danny and his magic hand just made me all warm and fuzzy inside. And it only got better when they got scolded by Claire. You better listen to her before she whoops your butts back in line.

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Any day we get to see Jessica Jones’ P.I. skills at work is a great day in my book. She’s just so talented at it. And odds are she’s gonna notice some shit someone has been overlooking. Like following a certain blind lawyer nobody watches close enough. And I’m starting to wonder if Matt’s being ignoring some of his abilities that he couldn’t tell she was there when he went all spider monkey on that building.

I think this scene between Luke and Danny seems to be a fan favourite. We got a good banter back and forth, along with a small Connie and Claire moment. But Luke calling Danny out. I was bowing down to my TV like he was my new god. The biggest problem most people seem to have with this version of Danny is that he comes across as a whiny, entitled child. And I think Luke hit pretty close to home with his speech. He shook Danny and us in a matter of moments.

Of course both of them went their separate ways to help in the way they could. Luke trying to help someone he felt he wronged and Danny trying to make another grand gesture that will eventually backfire. Luke tries his best to due right by people and be there to pick up the pieces if it doesn’t work out. And I have to say that the scene with him and Cole’s mother was devastating.

Can we just talk Midland Circle? Danny making a grand speech and just getting shut right down by Alexandra, she’s one cool cucumber. But my favourite lead up is Jessica and Matt. From her telling him “if you touch me like that again, I’ll punch you so hard you’ll see” to their race to the penthouse. Of course Jessica gets there just in time to tell Matt what an Asshole he looks like but Matt just snarks back with “it’s your scarf,” which is true.

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This all leads to first Danny kicking the crap out of the bad guys before he’s casually joined by Luke. His entrance including the change in music just ups the whole tempo of the episode straight past ten and into the stratosphere. The way the hallway scene is shot is a just magic. The continuous shots going back and forth must have been a ton of work, but totally worth it as a viewer. It gives us plenty of opportunities to see the heroes side by side kicking ass. And then to move onto the high paced action between Matt and Elektra just keeps you on your toes. Charlie does such a great job of showing emotion even with most of his face covered it’s crazy. The last shot of them getting into the elevator with unconscious people all around just kicks off the rest of the season beautifully.

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What did you love about this episode? Do you agree with Luke’s assessment of Danny? Which was your favourite reunion this episode: Stick and Elektra? Jessica and Luke? or Matt and Elektra?

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