‘The Defenders’ 1×04 Review: Witty Banter & Punches Ahead

Another heart pounding and banter packed episode. Beware, spoilers ahead! This episode is called Royal Dragon but should be called ‘The One in the Restaurant’.

This episode literally picks up where the last one left off. Our heroes looking for a place to hide. Conveniently a Chinese Food Restaurant that his four very distinct colours in its logo. And right away all four of their personalities make an appearance and stand out. Luke trying to protect everyone, Jessica being sick of this shit, Matt being wishy washy about wanting to help and Danny flashing his money.

The moments of Jessica and Luke together made my little fangirl heart sing. I’m definitely a Luke and Claire shipper but they definitely have amazing chemistry together. They have a nice moment that gets immediately crashed by Matt and his worries.

Matt’s new name shouldn’t be Daredevil is should be Avoid Man. He’s trying everything possible to keep himself out of this. Although he can’t help but use his abilities to point out the food. Matt explaining the Hand just makes you realize how much he’s dealt with them compared to anyone else.

The eye roll from Luke at Danny’s “I’m the Immortal Iron Fist” is everything. Only made better by Jessica asking if Danny is on Lithium. I didn’t expect the Luke and Matt showdown over him hiding his face, but I’m definitely not mad at it.

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As usual Jessica is under estimated by the guys. Matt should have known she’d put two and tow together. And of course she notices that he’s lying to himself thinking he can keep out of it. Her comment of “your call Murdock” finally getting him to reveal himself. And I think it was good we got that little moment of them all together with the super hero music swelling in the background.

Damn! Elody girl, you’ve worked hard for that shot. She’s one in shape woman, who could kick your ass. I’m not sure about the moments between Alexandra and Elektra, she comes off as creepy obsessed with Elektra half the time. I mean I get that this has been something she’s been working towards for centuries, but down girl. She talks about Elektra like she’s an object not a person.


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Danny just completely mystified by Matt being blind confuses me. He got his powers from a magical dragon, how can he not believe a blind man could be Daredevil? Even Matt seems frustrated with it.

Puppy Dog Danny trying to do his best to bring them all together. It shows his naivety that he doesn’t understand why it won’t just work. But of course their nice dinner gets interrupted by the now one handed Stick, who nobody trusts.

Murakami just been a sassy little asshole to her while he’s cleaning his kill is my new favourite. He’s just like yeah you might be the head but it’s been a long time since you had to work for it. He’s a hands on kind of guy, quite litterally. You can tell he’s like, you screwed up using all our resources and I’m gonna be a dick until I’m proven right.

Can we just talk about Elektra going to find the Sai when she thinks no one is around. Her cracks between the old her and the Black Sky are starting to show. Including the tone in her voice. She’s more commanding in her personality and demeanour. And she just kicked ass and walked away like a mic drop moment.

Jessica is all of us when she gets annoyed by all the new names they’re dealing with. And Danny again with his not thinking allowing them to be found. Also the fact that no one really reacts when Stick explains that he cut his hand off to escape, like well this is the crazy our life has become.

But Jessica has reached her limit. I was happy to see it was Luke and not Matt who ran after her. You can tell he’s the only one who would be able to get through to her. He genuinely cares for her. And she still obviously has feelings for him. But in true Jessica Jones fashion she doesn’t believe she deserves anything good in her life.

So she goes back home alone, to do her best. Which of course involves bourbon and sleuthing. I knew it’d only be a matter of time before she found something on them. If anyone could do it, it’d be her. Jessica protecting her clients family, goes to show just how big her heart really is. And her musing about “am I the only one who doesn’t know karate?”

Danny have a small moment of hero worship with Matt was cute. And Sticks comment about learning form each other is so true. I like the relationship that Danny is slowly building with each of them, it builds his character up more in areas it needs it.

Stick smelling Alexandra is too hilarious to me, like a bad stick. I really love him and her insulting each other. Danny some times comes off as a dog with a bone. Like he just wants to prove he can take them down, but he’s not paying enough attention to figure out a way. He postures allot, and sometimes it makes his character come off as disingenuous.

Luke just saying it like it is as usual, he ain’t got no time for her bullshit. He’s the Poppa Bear to the group. Alexandra just acting like she’s talking to a small child when it comes to Danny is my jam.  Jessica just throwing cars at bitches, like ‘what? You got a problem?’


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That shot at the end of the four of them with Stick ready to kick ass is amazing.

‘The Defenders’ is currently streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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