‘The Defenders’ 1×05 Review: Kicking Ass with a Side of Heart


This episode is called “Take Shelter” but I feel like the only thing needing that shelter is my heart at the end of the day. Continue on to be spoiled. Another great round of kicking ass with that special side dish of heart ache.

Can we talk about how amazing that beginning scene was cut and edited together? All the remaining fingers of the hand preparing to converge on the restaurant and our heroes. Genius!

The Defenders all pairing up to go against Elektra and Murakami. While Alexandra gets the hell out of dodge. As usual Matt does the exact opposite of what Stick says, taking Elektra on by himself. So while he’s out in the alley grappling with her the rest plus Stick are dealing with all the men that have ganged up on them. Elektra’s cracks are starting to show more and more as time goes on. Bitch slapping the crap out of Murakami, Go Elektra!

Jessica being there just a second too late for Luke, you can see the heartbreak on her face. Jessica just man handling things with one hand. And then Madam Gao just being like “nope! no dumpster gonna stop me”.

I just noticed after watching this so many time that when Danny tells Coleen that Luke was gone the punching bag she’s at is black and yellow, Luke’s colours. And before Colleen even gets the chance to process it’s like boom he’s back. And Matt’s little smile when he hears Luke’s heart beat a few seconds before he’s at the door. This is why Charlie was the perfect casting choice, the work shows. Bad ass Luke, just kidnapping Sowande, “I got one of their’s,” he’s so proud.

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Doesn’t Alexandra know you don’t interrupt Elektra when she’s sharpening her sword, easiest way to cut a bitch. Vain attempt to bond there Alexandra, she doesn’t trust you and probably never fully will. She’ll placate you until it’s time. Threatening her was a big mistake though. Boy is she arrogant.

Jessica just answering shit with her fists. And then immediately showing her PI skills. Sowande just speaking all of our thoughts on Danny.  Of course the hand knows about Kilgrave.

They so need to listen to Claire more. She always knows the answer. I also need to know how many of those sweaters Luke owns, like oops there goes another one just let me open the wardrobe to Narnia and pick another one out.

Colleen always shutting herself off. I see these bad guys come from the school of taking turns to attack Danny instead of surrounding him. I can’t get over how arrogant all the fingers of the hand are. Bakuto really thought Colleen would come back? Does this man forget that she was kick ass enough to train how many people into amazing fighters. Thank you Luke for being there. Biggest way not to get me to watch Iron Fist season 2 is killing off Colleen.

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I love how Karen is the last one working, dedicated employee now matter where she is. That girl is job goals. Why is she even surprise that Matt’s in trouble again? Just take his damn help. Karen is just so over it.

Damn Misty Knight just knows what’s going on, or thinks she does anyways.

I will never tire of Stick’s smart ass comments. Although he was incredibly quiet for Sowande’s Story Time. But only to basically tell him to fuck himself. General Stick dolling out assignments to Matt. Using every angle he can to get under his skin.

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I just wish Trish would trust Jessica when she tells her she’s in danger. It’s like an old song and dance routine by now. Again we’re back to this amazing lighting that’s been throughout the series. Gorgeous. Even when they’re kicking ass. And in typical Jessica fashion she says yes by berating Matt.

I am so here for women building up women. We all need a Claire Temple in our lives. She’s like the ultimate cheerleader at the perfect moment for Colleen. And she’s right, Danny would be nowhere without Colleen.

All the best supporting characters in one place. Just makes me want the next season of the respective shows. I love that Misty always calls it like it is. Even to the point of calling the fact that Colleen was packing around a katana is weird. And Colleen giving it right back “Trust me they don’t give a shit!”

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I feel like Madame Gao is the only rational person in the Hand some days. Everyone else is way too arrogant. And she will call you out on your shit.

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Danny making heart eyes at Matt while Luke plays the jealous girlfriend while he does an eyebrow dance. Amazing. Matt still clouded by his love for Elektra but still unable to kill anyone. Messy.

Why did they not think the whole Elektra/Matt thing through before making her the Black Sky? Haven’t these people ever watch a Disney movie? Love conquers all. The hand leaders are like hungry coyotes fighting over a carcass at this point.

Them fighting over Elektra just shows that they’re still fractured. But how everyone but Jessica just is like “Resurrection? Oh ok, why not?”

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You don’t keep your biggest weapon locked up? You just let her wander where ever the hell you keep her? Dumb move Alexandra. Why would she stay when she’s trying to figure out who she is?

The final scene with Elektra is utterly heartbreak while being hopeful. We all want her to get her memories back and be with Matt. The scene is shot, cut, scored and acted beautifully. This is one of my favourite parts of these shows versus the big budget Marvel movies. They get to the heart more. They give the actors more ability and opportunity to get to emotional core of the characters. It makes the story hit home more.

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Who’s your favourite supporting character so far? Mine’s Claire always, do you agree?

The Defenders season 1 is currently streaming worldwide on Netflix.


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