‘The Defenders’ Featurette: Heroes with Heart

Only a couple more days until The Defenders hits worldwide audiences on Netflix. And we get this amazing little featurette of the stars Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter & Finn Jones speaking about their characters. On what they think of the fait of New York and fighting together as a team.

I appreciate when we get little snippets of the stars like this. You can really tell that all four of them genuinely care and know their stories. When you get four people this in invested it just bodes well for how amazing the end product is going to be.

And in a big bonus you get to hear Charlie and Finn both speak in their gorgeous accents. I have such a clear picture in my mind of what Matt and Danny are that I completely forget that they aren’t speaking in their normal accents. One of the things I like about these Netflix shows is that for how short the seasons are their very immersive. You get completely lost in their respective worlds of New York.


(source: Tumblr)

As far as I can tell the writers and cast have done an amazing job of bringing these four separate worlds into one series. It helps to have characters such as Claire that have been a little string pulling all four characters together. And we can not forget the string that really does hold this whole thing together, New York City and it’s citizens. All four of the series leading up to this have created a well rounded, full picture of a different part of New York.

In this featurette we also get to see people that matter to each of our heroes; Claire Temple, Trish Walker, Karen Page & Colleen Wing. Our heroes no matter how hard they try to seem on the outside always surround themselves with people who become just as invested in trying to help as them. I think it humanizes the story even more. And that’s what I love about the Defenders and the heroes of its story. They are more grounded and human than a big franchise movie. They become very relatable and it makes them have a special spot in my heart.

Season one of The Defenders premiers worldwide at midnight on August 18th on Netflix.

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