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Disney+: See The Trailer for Anna Kendrick’s Christmas Movie, ‘Noelle’

Disney+: See The Trailer for Anna Kendrick’s Christmas Movie, ‘Noelle’

If I wasn’t going to spend my money of Disney+, this alone would make me spend my money.


The trailer for Noelle was released at D23 and my Christmas hating, but Christmas movie loving heart found happiness.

Noelle tells the story of Santa’s daughter Noelle, who wishes that she could do something “important” like her brother Nick. He’s taking over the family business at Christmas this year.

I can’t even imagine the pressure of being Santa Claus, but Nick doesn’t handle the pressure well. He goes away for the weekend and doesn’t return. So Noelle has to go find her brother in order to save Christmas.

That being said, my money is on her driving the sleigh for Christmas. Do I know that to be true? No. But one can hope.

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The movie stars Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. It will premiere on Disney+ in November.

Adding it to my Christmas movie watching list now.

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