Don’t Toy With Me World! Gayle Forman Drops HUGE ‘If I Stay’ Movie News!

Do not toy with me Gayle Forman, because ‘If I Stay’ finally coming to the big screen is a DREAM COME TRUE. I need this movie to be amazing. I need it to blow me away.

Turns out the adaptation has moved to MGM and they have a new director, RJ Cutler. Now if you are a fan of Nashville, you know this man is behind the show. We all need to follow him on Twitter at @RJCutler.

They are in final negotiations for Mia, who is rumored to be Chloe Grace Moretz. Gayle had this to say about that…

We are in final negotiations with our Mia. I’m not supposed to say who she is until the deal is finalized, but she’s the same star who’s been rumored to be attached for ages. You can google her. You might notice her hair has been getting darker and how much more Mia-like she looks! She is an amazing actress. I couldn’t be happier.

And the biggest news! They are on track to start shooting this FALL!

Now to cast Adam! Let @RJCUtler know who you want!

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