Emerald City Photos: “Mistress – New – Mistress”

We still haven’t seen the first two episodes of Emerald City yet, but it’s on our list of things to get on top of. The photos for the series are just stunning – we can’t look away. The third episode is entitled, “Mistress – New – Mistress.”

Here’s the synopsis –

Dorothy and Lucas/Scarecrow (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) have a close encounter with death and quickly learn that The Wizard of Oz (Vincent D’Onofrio) wants to kill her. He has sent guards to murder her. Since Dorothy is a sign that The Beast Forever will come back, The Wizard is determined to kill her.

Back in Emerald City, The Wizard will seek some advice from his counsel when he starts to lose control over the city and the witches begin to show their power. The Wizard had banned his countrymen and women from practicing magic.

Tip’s (Jordan Loughran) story will continue in the upcoming episode. With the help of Dorothy, Jack (Gerran Howell) rescued his best friend from his domineering mother. She was imprisoning him in the house. Later, Jack learned that Tip is actually a young girl.

Here’s the preview video –

Emerald City airs on NBC.

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