Enviable One Direction Fan Artists


One Direction are talented. That is the most basic of statements to be associated with this foursome. After five years, countless chart toppers, successful tours and number one videos, the phenomenon of One Direction cannot be denied.


But the talent of their fans is something else to be admired. Many in the fandom have taken to various forms of artwork to show their dedication and love for the 1D lads, and some of it leaves us breathless. Everyone has their favorite mediums, whether pencil, advanced photo editing, or computer art, but all of the results are something to be respected and shared.


I’ve decided to do a little feature on three of the most popular and beloved One Direction artists in the fandom, and am fairly confident that once you see their work, you will add them to your follow lists!


This particular artist does not just dabble in One Direction. She is known for her incredible realism within almost any fandom you can think of; Taylor Swift, Hunger Games, and more. Her preferred medium is pencil and colored pencil, and her work will have you feeling as though you are staring at a photograph.

Cas sells some of her work on her website with prints, and I have to be honest, I kind of want them all!


*all above images copyright @_artistiq


Nadia is best known for her adorable, incredible, and giggle worthy chibby cartoons of our fav four, which she features in an annual calendar of One Direction adventures, as well as other items such as mugs, pillows and more. Her hilarious tag line ‘B is for Bananas’ is a play on our very own Harry Styles love for the fruit, and if you’ve been in this fandom any length of time, you’ve seen and probably admired her work for a while.

Her medium of preference is varied between computer, ink and pencil, and one of the skills I’ve fallen in love with is her technique of using white pencil on black paper to create silhouettes. Completely unique and stunning, like everything else she creates!

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*all above images copyright @cyrilliart


Kris takes photo editing and ‘manips’ to a whole other level. Her work, taking the One Direction lads and creating original images so realistic you would swear the boys posed for them personally, is so incredible I challenge you to find someone who does what she does with as much perfection. Whether casual edits of your fav, or custom settings with the lads as Harry Potter characters, or even Star Wars, you wont believe her talent!

As a photographer myself, I know the skill and time that photo editing takes. So when I consider how much work must go in to these edits, my respect for this talented Directioner only intensifies.

tumblr_o3fkijmkwH1tcl3fvo1_500  tumblr_o2wxu1YnQW1tcl3fvo1_500  tumblr_o1jkgjCeK11tcl3fvo1_1280

*all above images copyright @hazstylestrash


I know there are countless more fans with amazing and enviable talent to be recognized and featured, but these three were my immediate go-to’s. I encourage you all to check out their pages, follow them on social media, and seek them out to praise their talent and efforts. For anyone who has ever tried to draw more than a stick figure (my own mastered artistic skill), you know how difficult it is. So when you see people with the talent these three have, I have no doubt you will be glad you followed them. They will decorate your time lines well!


My hat tips to you, ladies! Keep up the incredible work!

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