Everything Leads Back to #Twilight – Maggie Grace Cast in CBS Pilot


No secret here, we started in the Twilight fandom – there fore it shouldn’t be a shocker that we love Maggie Grace. Everything leads back to Twilight my friends, and Maggie Grace is from Twilight.

The starlet – who is also in our favorite guilty pleasure, Taken, has found a new home as the star of CBS’s CODE BLACK.

The show is based off a documentary, which is about 4 residents in the busiest ER in the nation. I’m sensing a Grey’s Anatomy? One can only hope not.

Doesn’t matter though, cause we’ll be watching – cause did we mention Maggie Grace? She’s going to be the residency director – so here’s hoping that she’s not super mean.

Marcia Gay Harden and Melanie Kannakoda were previously cast.

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